$300 Savings on the Canon 70D and T5i Cameras

Amazon has dropped the price of the 70D and the T5i and with a little know-how (see the video below) you can pile on tons of free extras that are heavily discounted(many free after the discount) and end up with a camera and a load of goodies all for free. It is important to note that these items all need to be purchased from Amazon, not 2rd party vendors selling via Amazon. The complete shopping list is below the video70D Start Here -Add the 70D and desired Lens to Cart.Add  Canon 70D CameraAdd 18-55 Lens, The 18-135 STM does not give you as big a discounted bonus (which lens to buy?)Add LP-E6 BatteryAdd Dolica MonopodAdd AmazonBasics Camera CaseAdd 32GB SD CardAdd 16GB SD Card (some have reported success adding multiples of this card and Amazon discounts each time, giving you up to 4 free SD Cards with camera)See what else I recommend buying with the Canon 70D and T5i Cameras