Photo Mish Mash ep 60 - Ankle Deep in Dark Water SALE - Lightroom Complete Beginners Guide $19.99 use code prlive60 to save.Episode 60- Ankle Deep in Dark Water Show NotesRollover image below for the answer "What was I doing ankle deep in dark water at 10:30pm?"[himage]ankledeep1ankledeep2[/himage]Instagram Contest - Winner  Week 3 (Entropy) here to see the winners- Next week MONOCHROMATIC #PRTV_MCIn case you missed itShould You Buy a DSLR with Kit Lens?  Google Photos - Quick TourWhat is coming UP! Miops Review and how toThis picture by News: extends mail-in-rebates through July 4th 6D Rumors - 2016 early, smaller, lighter but more powerful /upmarketGoPro HERO+ LCDIncredible timelapse of One World Trade Center being built over 11 years of mirrorless. $60,000 broadcast lens on a GH4 are complicated: location 16,000 photos made - These companies with your photos? CC additional features are coming. RAW Doctor - Fixing Lightning! Reader Questions -