Photo Mish Mash EP 67 - Video and Show Notes


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Show Notes:

RM3 - Creating a Photo of a Smoldering Bouquet of RosesRM3 - Trey Ratcliff Designed an Ultimate Camera Bag, and Now It’s Blowing Up^I honestly think this bag is ugly but it's a popular Kickstarter at the momentRM3 - Transmitting Photos Used to Look Like Something from a Spy MovieRM3 - PSA: Many Film Processing Services No Longer Return Your Original FilmRM3 - Metabones Releases New Lens Adapter for Panasonic GH4, Adds Autofocus via Firmware Update for Existing ModelsAnd the crappy ouch segment, people really need to pay more attentionRM3 - ANOTHER PHOTOGRAPHER KILLED DURING PHOTO SHOOT ON TRAIN TRACKSA common misconception people have is that you should be able to hear a train coming in time to jump off the tracks. Time and time again that has been proven wrong^Roy. Frequently the tracks are broken around here so you have to watch every light for a train passing. I’ve been almost hit a couple times just trying to drive around town.RM3 - Woman Flipped Into the Air After Selfie with BisonRM3 - Man Bitten While Taking Selfie with Rattlesnake, Gets $153K Hospital BillSRG - Canon Profits Drop 16%SRG - July 30th shipping notices for A7rIISRG - Studying birds to build better dronesRM3 - This is What Adobe’s Dehaze Slider Does to Photos of the Night Sky Instagram Winners - BALANCE