Instagram Winners – Wood

Our world is made up of wood, and that's the exciting thing about having a open challenge is that it gives people room to think and be creative. Looking at it from a sense of nature, or entropy, would be one view point of the subject. While someone else could go with wood working and a project at work shot with sawdust or a finished project. Even to a handmade antique generations old that hold sentimental value. With wood this project was one to make it your own and show something of your style.There was no show this week Toby and I have picked your best photos.The weekly challenges are still going! You can find all the past challenges on the PRTV page along with next week’s challenge #prtv_silhouette. To enter post your photos on Instagram before noon next Friday with the tags #prtv and #prtv_silhouette.

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And the team!Toby – Photorectoby Scott – photoscott88 Roy – RoyMcKeeIII

Toby's DUAL Winners:

I loved both of these wood trail/boardwalk shots.  @kapechick has a simple shot but the wood of the path mixed with the all the young trees around makes this a very woodsy shot.  And @adamstewart similar boardwalk shot offering us a glimpse of green hills in the distance is excellent, love the way the path leads us off to the green and blue.  Nice work!!

Toby's Honorable Mention: the wider shot here that shows wood from untouched to almost unrecognizable. Nicely composed and captured!

Roy's Winner: "reclaimed" by nature this set piece by Maritza of Hobbiton is a great focus for wood.  As Toby said the place is made to be photogenic. For one it's a great trip photo while focusing on an element of the scene rather than the grand scale of it all.  As for wood It's a great draw for the eye with good composition and naturally framed by the plants.

Roy's Honorable Mentions: as art in this case is a great way to show texture and a good repeating pattern. I like that Christye chose to crop in losing a bit of the face to get closure and frame out the carving. It makes for a strong photo and an interesting portrait albeit wood. from Michigan we have trails pretty much everywhere. When you get a nice winding wood path like this it sets a scene. With the brush coming up and a leading line to the horizon it makes for a great focus for the eye to follow the trail.