Instagram Winners – Abstract

Abstract photography was the goal for this weeks Instagram challenge. Shooting abstract is typically a bit harder as your trying to focus on something without telling the whole story. It's less about details and more color, shapes, form and emotion to let the viewer fill in the rest. It's definitely one of the harder subjects we've done and you guys did good trying to fit this weeks goal.

Winners this week were chosen by Toby and Roy for the challenge.

You can find all the past challenges on the PRTV page along with next week’s Instagram challenge #prtv_family. A Patreon chosen topic, it's your chance to shoot your family and post the photos. As always the topic is open ended so you do have the chance to be creative, it's not just portraits. As examples you could even do a little Lego family scene if that's your thing or a family keepsake that bonds you all together. To enter post your photos on Instagram before noon next Friday with the tags #prtv and #prtv_family.

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And the team!Toby – Photorectoby Scott – photoscott88 Roy – RoyMcKeeIII

Toby's Winner: love the soft flowing green filling the frame.

Toby's Honorable Mentions: mostly identifiable rain drops - just the right blend of identifiable and abstract. Justin's shot was one of the first that caught my eye -great colors and a pull to find out more about this image

Roy's Winner: image manipulation is a bit off book for photo challenges but I think a mirror image is fine. It's a nice split to infinity while still pulling in a bit of building details from the reflections.

Roy's Honorable Mentions: and paper tutorials for abstract photography was actually on the list to do this week. With Photokina that didn't happen and Justin managed to make a really nice shot of the DIY project. has a great texture shot of a basket, it might be simple but it's a good example of finding a detail in something you already own.