Instagram Winners – Backlit

The backlit Instagram challenge #PRTV_backlit is a way to get people to think before they shoot. A lot of people starting out take a photo based on composition but tend to forget about the quality of light on their subject. Some very high quality photos this week, really, and you guys managed to submit a bit of everything thinking outside the box for ideas.You can find all the past challenges on the PRTV page along with next week’s Instagram challenge #PRTV_seasons. Fall color was the plan but as some have mentioned it's not really fall color in Australia, or even Texas really for that matter. So instead we want you to show us your season weather you go pumpkin spice for lack of color, shoot a fall landscape, or even a spring one for the Aussies.To enter post your photos on Instagram before noon next Friday with the tags #prtv and #PRTV_seasons.

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And the team!Toby – Photorectoby Scott – photoscott88 Roy – RoyMcKeeIII

Scott's Winner: timing, light, and composition for a great shot with a lot of character.

Scott's Honorable Mentions: you said, sometimes waiting a spot out for a photo can make for the best ones! at Photorec cat's are always a winner, you got a good shot with a bit of action and didn't clip the shadow.

Roy's Winner: Photography might be a bit of a mermaid addict but it works out this week for a backlit photo. A nice pose and expression for your model while you left enough foreground to lead up to her leaving the horizon slightly above the top rule of thirds line. Have to remember rules are meant to be broken as they are guidelines you learn from, not hard and fast laws.

Roy's Honorable Mentions: admittedly the photo I have is quite bad compared to this one and taken on a cell phone while hunting this is what I thought of for the challenge. You did good capturing the light rays while letting in enough ambient light to properly light up the trees.  I like you left composition a bit low to catch the color in the grass and raise the ground's level up a bit in the photo.'s a great wedding photo this week by Angie Cruz Photography. You did a nice job getting that "glow" everyone wants in their photos, even if we know its backlighting. It's a great posed shot while you left the aperture shallow enough to just start getting the bokeh balls in the trees. Being me that one brown leaf in the side needs cloned out but I'm the most picky of the three of us at