Sigma 135mm f1.8 A Fantastic Portrait Lens Before we get into the specifics of this lens let’s chat for a minute about portrait lenses. Some of you might be thinking - I thought the 50mm lens was the best for portraits. And some of you might be thinking - I thought the 85mm was best for portraits, and those focal lengths are really nice, along with the 24, 35, 200 and, the 135mm. Generally, it is accepted that longer focal lengths provide a more flattering look for people. Some of you might not like that over simplification because truthfully it is the distance from subject to the camera that really impacts the look you get. SO a better way to describe this- a lens like the 135mm allows you to fill the frame with your subject and be at a distance that gives very pleasing results. That coupled with the fact that Sigma 135mm ART offers f/1.8, is exceptionally sharp wide open AND is weather sealed. And like the other Sigma lenses in the ART series is well built, has no issues with flaring or chromatic aberration. I also found autofocus to be snappy. The Sigma 135mm ART is also relatively affordable at $1400 which leads me back to my original statement - this is quite possibly the best portrait lens for outdoor photographers who own Canon or Nikon cameras.

this is quite possibly the best portrait lens FOR OUTDOOR PHOTOGRAPHERS WHO OWN Canon or Nikon CAMERAS.

Inside I think you will find yourself running out of space except for the tightest headshots, unless you have a larger studio space. And while I did mostly shoot and test this lens on a Sony a7Rii using the Sigma MC-11 adapter, I can’t recommend it, Eye AF works but it is slow and autofocus, in general, is slow with more hunting than I would like. My MC-11 firmware is up to date with the Sigma 135 on the compatible list but it seems to need more work. On Canon or Nikon you will be just fine though it's possible you will need to do some micro focus adjustments and or use the Sigma dock that this lens is compatible with. While I have not personally compared the Sigma 135 f/1.8 to the Canon 135mm f/2 I know from reviewers I trust that the Sigma is sharper, especially at the edges and doesn’t have issues with chromatic aberration that you do see in the Canon. And the Canon 135L is not weather sealed.Buy the Sigma 135mm ART from B&H Photo $1,399Full Raw Downloads
Outdoor portrait photographers who like to shoot backlit or get shots with wonderfully creamy bokeh that are rich in colors and contrast - this lens is awesome, however, If you are a Sony user hoping to use this with the MC-11 adapter, I can’t recommend it at this time.What’s your favorite portrait lens?My Favorite Portrait LensesBuy the Sigma 135mm ART from B&H Photo $1,399 (your use of these links supports our work here - we could not do this without you!)