Featured Photos Weekly Challenge - Texture 3

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This Week’s Challenge: #PRTV_texture3

From scary to small, this week the focus on texture was less on the big picture and more on aspects of a subject. It’s a real change and chance to think out of the box with detail shots, macro, still life, and more. Some great photos this week! Go check them out and show the top picks (and the other entries as well) some insta love.Next Week’s Challenge: #PRTV_blackpointFind out more about upcoming challenges and past winners at photorec.tv/prtv.You can follow Photorec.TV on Instagram at @Photorec.tv and the team:

Team FeatureTeam FeatureTeam Feature
Toby’s Features:

Processed well to really make the texture in the petals stand out.

Roy’s Features:

Macro opens a lot of options and a fingerprint really shows some rigid texture in this week’s challenge.

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Hibiscus always have this interesting texture and throwing the photo to black and white really let you play on that for some really defined texture in this shot.