Mish Mash Highlights: 1/24/2018

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Good Morning Vietnam! With the 12hr difference between Michigan and Vietnam Toby's just waking up for another day on tour with McKaylive. This week there's a new DJI drone, a Photoshop update, black and white challenge top picks, and more.While Toby does the Live Show via PEN when not on tour, this is your quick peek at what we're doing behind the scenes, this week's news, our Instagram challenge top picks, and more. Join the Photo Enthusiast Network and watch Toby live when he gets back, you can find out more at Photorec.tv/pen.Quick Tip! As a reminder, with this cold weather try to bag your cameras before taking them inside, this helps protect it from moisture condensation.

This Week at Photorec.tv

    • PEN ONLY Tuesday Tip - Learning to Print - A basic overview to get you started printing your work.
    • DJI Air RedDJI Mavic Air Announced - If you want to buy a drone this is the one. While a bit more expensive than the spark it's smaller and has all the features both Toby and I wanted. You get 12MP Stills and 4K video in a footprint not terribly bigger than a cell phone making it super easy to carry around. Now if I could only get Toby to buy me one?
    • Apps for Photography - We get asked quite a bit about which apps Toby uses while shooting. We've got the list here for some of the top picks, while PhotoPills is expensive it's still one of the best apps to really push your skills.
    • Sony a7RIII – 5 Awesome Features & a Few Complaints - Toby's taken the Sony a7RIII on a few trips by now since the review. He's come up with a few more thoughts that might sell you on this great small camera.

Around the Web

We can't cover everything photography news related but we try. For everything else, we've got the best news articles from around the web.Select Subject is Here: Photoshop Now Has AI-Powered One-Click SelectionsPhotoshop Subject SelectionA new update to Photoshop this week with 19.1 and the release of subject selection. Going to select>subject lets Photoshop attempt to select the subject automatically using Adobe Sensei. So far in real-world use, it's not perfect but gives you a start at a layer mask. Like always it will likely be improved in future Adobe updates.Also included in this week's update:

  • Decontaminate Colors in Select and Mask now is a slider versus checkbox allowing you to control how much of the effect you get for finer control.
  • Windows High-Density Monitor Support, if your using monitor scaling the controls should look a bit nicer after the update.
  • Support for the Microsoft Dial
  • Better SVG compatibility when copying to Adobe XD

Canon Sends Invitation to Dealers for Major Mirrorless Presentation Next MonthVia Canon Rumors so take this with a grain of salt, but it looks like Canon may be announcing a new mirrorless product to dealers and VIPs. They are keeping the entire thing very hushed but hopefully, it's a sign something is coming down the line.Preset Brewery Lets You Use Lightroom Presets in Photoshophttps://youtu.be/91mhvuIxHeQAt least for those with a Mac, Preset Brewery is a neat little program out this week that will convert a Lightroom preset into one that works in Photoshop. This gives those that want it a way to use a Lightroom preset they like in Photoshop without having to manually set all the sliders again. At the moment it only works one preset at a time for conversion but an update is coming soon. If that sounds good you can buy it now at Preset Brewery for $7.90.LibRaw, Creators of FastRawViewer, Release SonyPixelShift2DNG BetaOne of Toby's issues with the new Sony a7RIII was how it handles the new pixel shift photos. Requiring Sony software for all the work. Now thanks to LibRaw pixel shift photos can easily be converted, in batch, to Adobe DNG for easy editing in Lightroom or Photoshop. In terms of workflow, this should save a fair bit of time, if you have the new a7RIII try it out at https://www.fastrawviewer.com/SonyPixelShift2DNG.Other Stories You Might Like:

Featured Photos Weekly Challenge

Instagram Challenge

This Week’s Challenge: #PRTV_blackandwhite3

For this week's challenge, black and white let you really focus on a subject while having the option for a lot of leeway for edits. Great job this week with some amazing photos, black and white allows for a lot of variety so it's nice to see some experimenting.Next Week's Challenge: #PRTV_cultureTo go along with Toby's tour in Vietnam and Cambodia next week's challenge is culture. No, that doesn't mean you have to go travel. Capture something unique to your area that's a part of your town. For in Michigan here the one I always forget is most people don't know a Michigan Coney, a type of diner, or how we use our hands as a map (Michigan is mitten-shaped). Not to mention just north of me is a little Bavaria and year-round Christmas town. So try shooting food, people, buildings, something people recognize from your area. You might get a shot of something you otherwise wouldn't have thought of before! 

Roy’s Features:

Great contrast in this shot and the little guy in the frame really makes this one.

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Black and White shots are amazing at pushing contrasts, the darker scarf and background works well to frame your subject.

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A white foreground leading up to that black rock really makes for a great shot!

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Rose’s Features:

Love this composition, it's so simple and effective. I love the texture that the fog adds, too.

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Fantastic composition, I think that the black and white treatment adds a lot to the image.

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Great use of black and white with the high contrast between the left and right sides.

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For more info, the schedule, and past top picks go check out photorec.tv/prtv. Try out some of Toby's Instagram Tips. For everything else Instagram, tag those shots #PRTV and #penlive for our daily photo features.

Photos from Space

Rightfully named the Cartwheel Galaxy, this celestial object’s shape is a result of a violent galactic collision. A smaller galaxy has passed right through a large disk galaxy and produced shock waves that swept up gas and dust, much like ripples produced when a stone is dropped into a lake. Intense areas of star formation were sparked up, seen here in blue by our Hubble Space Telescope (@NASAHubble). The outermost ring of the galaxy, which is 1.5 times the size of our Milky Way, marks the shock wave’s leading edge. This object is one of the most dramatic examples of the small class of ring galaxies. This image is based on earlier Hubble data of the Cartwheel Galaxy that was reprocessed in 2010, bringing out more detail in the image than seen before. Credit: ESA/Hubble & NASA #nasa #space #hubble #spothubble #galaxy #violent #collision #galactic #universe #solarsystem #cartwheel #star #formation #beautiful #pictureoftheday #science #telescope

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Major Tom Spaceman LED LightPick up a "Major Tom" spaceman LED light for your computer today. Part of Toby's Photos from space segment and it helps support the site. Click here to buy your own Major Tom on Amazon.Want to keep up with things happening this year? Sync your calendar with the solar system

That's all folks! We'll be back next week with even more of your photo news. For PEN members next week Toby and co. will be off to Vietnam so it'll just be me with the highlights. If you guy's like the highlights leave us comments on the social media posts and we'll keep this going!