Mish Mash Highlights: 1/3/2018

mish mash highlightsNew Year and a new Mish Mash! While Toby does the Live Show via PEN this is your quick peek at what we're doing behind the scenes, this week's news, our Instagram challenge top picks, and more. Otherwise, join the Photo Enthusiast Network and watch Toby live! Photorec.tv/join

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We can't cover everything photography news related but we try. For everything else, we've got the best news articles from around the web.This Guy Made an 8×10 Large Format Video Camera (Petapixel)A DIY for that "Large Format Look". Check out Zev Hoover's frankencamera using a lens from an old large format camera to project an image then recording it with a Sony a7S. A simple design that works, albeit at 6 stops of light loss. It's a trick that uses a tilt-shift adapter to line up the image with the projection making up for the fact the camera is angled down. Check out the video to see the results!https://youtu.be/0ZixDTrQdzoInstagram will now add ‘Recommended’ posts to your feed (Techcrunch)They are at it again. In an attempt to make your Instagram more of a Mish Mash then this show Instagram is adding more to your feed. Just like with how ads have been stuck in you'll see a new "More Posts You Might Like" feature that has been their attempt to get you following more people. As with the other feed filling changes, the response has been generally negative and you can (temporarily) hide it by hitting the three dots next to hit and choosing hide. The feature has started to roll out this week so if you don't have it yet you will soon enough.Build Rapport on Your Photography Shoot With the Language of Music (Fstoppers)Want a better shoot? Check out this article by Fstoppers on matching music with your photography to built rapport. Typically, doing portraits you don't want to just throw up someone in front of a camera. You want to work with them, talk, tell a story, something to set the mood and get you working with your model. Music is a great way to do that and like they've added in this article getting a Bluetooth speaker can be cheap now. Set that up with a bit of music they like, or use their phone to play their music, and you've got some energy and common ground for a shoot... plus some awesome music.Ten New Year's Resolutions Worth Making as a Photographer (Fstoppers)It's a new year and go check out this great article by Fstoppers on things to get going on this year. Being that my background is IT and development my first thought is to go back up your photos! Other than that, they've got great tips about upgrading your website, working on your kit, and the one I personally need is to PRINT MORE. Go check it out!Other Stories You Might Like:

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Instagram Challenge

This Week’s Challenge: #PRTV_product2

A two-week challenge this time had you guys shooting the Holidays and New Years with some great shots! The nice thing about a shoot like this is with an open subject you've got the option from tabletop shots to cityscapes, portraits, and more.Next Two Week Challenge: #PRTV_guiltypleasure Opposite of your resolution… what’s that one thing you feel guilty about but its so good? Shoot food, drinks, your smartphone, that one expensive thing you had to have (GAS).

Toby’s Features:

A lovely holiday moment - the light on the child's face and the expression just work so well together.  

A post shared by Jane Glover (@angry_runner) on

A nice street portrait of Santa in action

It’s from last year but so was my fireworks shot :) I really like the composition here!

A post shared by Yannick (@ynickh) on

Roy’s Features:

While it’s a bit too late for a stock photo now I’d say it’s worth putting this one up! It's a great holiday shot with nice bokeh.

A post shared by Beau Ewen (@beauewenphotog) on

Getting a bit higher up made for an awesome shot changing your perspective above the roof line and a new years blast

Babies and bokeh, a great shot for the holidays and keeping some distance from the tree worked well for some separation from the background.

A post shared by Tyler Manzella (@manfella) on

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Photos from Space

Brilliant photos taken of Earth from space in 2017 Tired of the end of the year galleries? How about just one more with this slideshow from the ISS station! Watch the video below then check out this article from bt.com for the individual pictures with some background info on them as well. There's some great shots mostly taken on Nikons![embed]https://twitter.com/Space_Station/status/947120103811776512[/embed]Also: Rare 'wolf moon' captured in breathtaking images – the biggest and brightest supermoon of 2018Want to keep up with things happening this year? Sync your calendar with the solar systemMajor Tom Spaceman LED LightPick up a "Major Tom" spaceman LED light for your computer today. Part of Toby's Photos from space segment and it helps support the site. Click here to buy your own Major Tom on Amazon.

That's all folks! We'll be back next week with even more of your photo news. For PEN members next week is a live show, after that, there is a break with just these highlights till the 31st. If you guy's like the highlights leave us comments on the social media posts and we'll keep this going!