Back to the Serengeti

I am headed back to Tanzania and the Serengeti - Below you can catch up on all my videos from the last trip. You can learn more about the gear I took last time and the gear I am taking this time. Follow me on Instagram to see new posts and follow my stories of this awesome adventure. 

Hunting with the Hadzabe of Tanzania go hunting with the The Hadza, or Hadzabe, a nomadic tribe that lives around the Lake Eyasi region of Tanzania in Africa. Hours spent in the bushes (going in circles sometimes) looking for this small group of  nomadic hunter/gatherersthat suddenly appeared with bloodied dikdik in their hand. Watching them start a fire without matches, smoke weed, roast Dikdik and then we all head out on a hunt - a squirrel hunt!Learn more about Mckay Photography Academy Learn more about Thomson Safaris My Big 5 Safari PhotosStabilized Shots from the Crane | Buy from AmazonSafari and Wildlife Photo Gear recommendationsThose cool wooden sunglasses