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Click this logo to enter!LumoidRemember when I went to Fiji?  Shot a fun little 4K video on a GoPro?    You want a chance to shoot your own 4K adventure? Read on. . . Would you like a chance to get your own GoPro Hero 4 Black - the top of the line GoPro with videolapse, night shot, slow mo and of course beautiful 4K video.Screenshot 2016-02-24 15.29.31 has partnered with to give one lucky US resident a GoPro Hero 4 Black.    Pop over to and enter.   I look forward to seeing what you create!

Spring 2015 Giveaway

Sliding into Spring Giveaway - has teamed up with Capture Beyond Limits, Feisol Tripods and Peak Design to giveaway over $1300 worth of awesome gear.

Nebo Slider:

Nebo Slider
The Nebo Slider is the world’s most lightweight and portable motion controlled slider, weighing in at under 3.2 pounds for the motorized version, and under 2.3 pounds for the non-motorized version. This 40" slider will break down into two 20 inch sections and will fit in a carry-on bag so it is easy to fly with.
  • World's lightest slider (Motorized: 3.2 lbs, Non-motorized: 2.2 lbs)
  • 40 inch rails
  • Breaks down to fit in a carry-on bag (Two 20 inch sections)
  • Variable speed (25 minutes - 110 minutes)
  • Quick setup (Less than 60 seconds)
  • One or two tripod setup
  • Center mount
  • Works without tripod
  • Works at up to 60 degree angles
  • 9 volt battery
  • 1/4 20 accessory mounts on sled
  • Sled locked into rail system to protect camera

More About the Nebo Slider

Feisol CT-3441T

Feisol CT-3441TIn order to gain a few extra centimeters of height – useful for tall photographers – without having to rely on a fully extended telescopic Center Column, FEISOL engineers created the new CT-3441T Rapid model which is a fusion of the time-proven CT-3441S main-frame with the taller CT-3442 legs, and equipped the CT-3441T with a one-section Center Column which further increases stability.In spite of its one-section Center Column, the 3441T delivers a maximum extended height of 68.10" (173 cm), is incredibly compact, folding down to a length of just 18.90" (48 cm), and startlingly light, weighing just 2.56 lb (1.16 kg) – truly a winning combination.

  • Features of the FEISOL CT-3441T include:
  • Constructed of top quality carbon-fiber and high grade, CNC-milled 6061 T6 solid block aluminum
  • FEISOL's new Rapid anti-leg-rotation technology
  • Preset leg angles at 25, 50, and 75 degrees
  • A maximum operating height of 68.10" (173 cm), while folding down to a length of just 18.90" (48 cm)
  • Base diameter of 1.6 inches (40 mm)
  • A lightweight but highly durable frame that weighs just 2.56 lb (1.16 kg)
  • Maximum 1.1" (2.8 cm) leg tubes, with aluminum alloy screws on the leg joints for lightweight operation (do not overtighten)
  • A one-section Center Column
  • The CT-3441T features two different spikes for various terrains (optional), giving the tripod an
  • exceptionally solid feel
  • An attractive tripod bag is included

With the taller photographer in mind, the FEISOL CT-3441T offers the professional or serious amateur the opportunity to travel lightly, yet have on hand a superior tripod to handle every challenge in the field.More About FEISOL

Peak Design Capture Clip:

Peak Design Capture ClipThe lightweight, ergonomic Capture® Camera Clip is our entry-level camera holstering solution for all photographers. Carry your camera on any backpack strap, belt or bag. Aluminum and glass-reinforced nylon construction.

Holds any camera: Full-frame DSLR, Crop-sensor DSLR, compact mirrorless or point-and-shoot. Mount GoPro cameras with the POV Kit (sold separately).
  • Strong enough for any physical activity: Quick-release lock withstands over 200 lbs. of force.
  • Works with tripods: The standard quick release plate works with most ARCA-type tripod heads.
  • Attaches to any strap or belt: Works with straps up to 3 inches (7.6 cm) wide and 0.5 inches (1.3 cm) thick.
  • Change lenses with ease: Your camera locks into Capture in 4 directions, allowing fast lens changing.
  • Button safety lock: Twist the quick-release button to prevent theft and accidental drops.
  • Plate lock: Rigidly secures the quick-release plate in the clip for stabilization while taking POV video.
  • Ultralight, ultra-durable: Weatherproof powdercoated aluminum construction with glass-filled nylon backplate.
  • Lifetime guarantee from Peak Design

More About Peak Design

Peak Design Clutch:

Peak Design ClutchClutch™ is the only quick-connecting, quick-adjusting camera hand strap ever made. Clutch™ gives you security when you need it, but also allows instant access to your camera's controls. Made from premium durable materials and hardware inspired by high end climbing gear. Comes with 2 Anchors and 1 Standard Plate for attachment.

  • Works with any SLR: compatible with any SLR camera, including large full-frame bodies and cameras with battery grips.
  • Quick-adjusting: cinch down on your hand for total security, or pull to loosen when accessing camera controls.
  • Quick-connecting: attaches quickly with our Anchor Link™ connection system.
  • Small and sleek: low-profile and unobtrusive compared to other camera hand straps on the market.
  • Super strong: strong enough to hold any pro camera/lens/accessory combo.
  • Tripod compatible: compatible with most ARCA-type tripod heads.
  • Thoughtful aesthetics: made from premium materials and custom hardware inspired by high-end climbing gear.
  • Use with Capture®: works stand-alone or with the Capture® Camera Clip.
  • Lifetime warranty on all parts

More About Peak Design

Giveaway #2 - Tenba bag, Benro Tripod and more


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The package you will winTenba Discovery Photo/Tablet Daypack Mini (my review) (Tenba Website)Benro USA - Aero 2 Angel Travel Video Tripod (my review) (Benro Website)Fusion Photo Gear Arca Swiss Style Fusion Plate (Fusion Website)Black Rapid Cross Strap (my review) (Black Rapid Website)

Spring into Summer Giveaway Sweepstakes

summergiveaway This contest is over but there are more giveaways planned - best way to stay informed of all giveaways is to Like my facebook page and/or sign up for my email newsletter.[newsletter] Win Sweet Camera Gear!The following prizes will be up for grabs.  Benro Video Monopod A48FBS4, 8B Pro X2 Eye-Fi SD Card, Black Rapid RS-5 Cargo Strap, Think Tank Sub Urban Disguise 30, One year of Zenfolio Premium Hosting, $50 Blurb Gift Certificate, TriggerTrap Mobile Dongle & Camera Connection Cord.   Total Prize Package is valued at $580. Contest Ends: June 21st at 8pm ESTa Rafflecopter giveawayThis promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook, Benro, Eye-fi, Black Rapid, ThinkTank, Zenfolio and Blurb. We hereby release Facebook, Benro, Eye-fi, Black Rapid, ThinkTank, Zenfolio and Blurb of any liability. Winner(s) will be contacted by email 48 hours after the giveaway ends, Winner(s) have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be drawn..  Winner must be 18 or over and a resident of the U.S. Winner of the Zenfolio Hosting must not currently be a Zenfolio customer.

Capbuckle - Product Review and Giveaway

Win a capbuckleI have lost more than a few lens caps over the last year, usually the issue is not having a consistent place to put my lens cap after taking it off the lens.  Capbuckle solves that, it threads onto your camera strap and gives you a place to snap the cap. A snug little home for your lens cap.   The only downside I have found is that it does not work without an extra bit of string with my favorite strap, the Black Rapid Straps.    Watch the video review below and then pop over to my facebook page to enter to win your very own Capbuckle.    Enter to Win (contest open to residents of the US only)

Triggertrap - Use your smart phone to smartly trigger your camera

 The video is long and only covers a few of the functions of the Triggertrap app/system - that's how cool this app is (or how much I like to hear myself talk?)I have one more Triggertrap to give away (given away 4 so far) Like my Facebook page and stay tuned for the last giveaway.Also seen in this video -Hotshoe Tripod Mount: Tripod Adapter: love making or creating time lapse movies and although I don’t get to do it nearly as often as  I like I am always on the lookout for gadgets that help. I have talked about the little Neweer intervalometer before, it is only $13 bucks and does a great job of telling your camera to take a picture every X seconds, it can also allow you to control bulb mode on your camera which allows you to set your shutter speed to longer than 30 second exposures.   The Neweer Intervalometer does its job well but doesn’t offer much in the way of options beyond the standard picture every x seconds.We have another option that is lots smarter and it only costs a bit more but does require a smartphone or tablet.  For the last few weeks I have been testing and app from a company called Triggertrap. They make apps for android and iOS and a small dongle that you plug into the headphone jack of your smartphone or tablet.   The benefit of a setup like this over the standard intervalometer is the sky is really the limit – your smartphone is a powerful computer and using that as the brains of the intervalometer allows dozens of creative ways for you to control the shutter of your camera.Some of the functions of the Triggertrap app include

  • Bulb Ramping Timelapse enables seamless sunrise/sunset timelapses,
  • HDR timelapse lets you combine the power of HDR and timelapses,
  • TimeWarp, a feature unique to Triggertrap, uses algorithms developed for animation to create more dynamic and natural-looking timelapses.
  • Sensor Controls: Leverages the smart device’s on-board sensors to release the shutter; Sound Sensor Mode uses the microphone to trigger at a set audio level, Seismic Mode fires based on vibrations, bumps or knocks, and Metal & Magnetism Sensor Mode can be used to fire the shutter in their presence
  • Facial recognition: Takes a photo once Triggertrap detects the programmed number of faces in the frame
  • Multiple HDR Capture Modes: Provides expanded control over bracketed exposures for Long Exposure HDR, or automates Long Exposure HDR Timelapse capture
  • DistanceLapse: Unique to Triggertrap, this mode relies on the smart device’s on-board GPS chip to fire the shutter over pre-determined distances
  • Motion detection mode: Triggers camera whenever motion is detected in the
  • Star trail mode: Allows external cameras to automatically take a series of long exposures in sequence to reduce noise
  • Wireless mode: Unique to Triggertrap, this new Wi-Fi triggering technology enables photographers to leverage the range and speed of a Wi-fi network to control the dynamic features of the Triggertrap Mobile app wirelessly

The Sensor controls are missing from the Android app, the devs tell me that they will be added soon, the Android app is also a bit laggy on my rezound, I also tested on the nexus and it was much smoother but still missing the sensor controls found on the iOS version.There are actually three parts to the set up – Your smartphone running the triggertrap app, the dongle and the camera specific cable.  Make sure you get the new v2 dongle (red wire) I bought the original dongle, with a black wire and although it works fine with my iPad refused to do anything when plugged into my android phone – I contacted support and Lucy was awesome, she walked me through a series of tests and even though it seemed it was more of my phone as the problem she sent me the newer red wire dongle free of charge, it arrived just a few days later and works perfectly.  I love working with people that take an extra step to make things right.My phone and my camera go everywhere with me and now I just throw these two little cables in my bag and I have a very smart and versatile trigger system for my camera.   I have added a little hot shoe tripod adapter that I use for some of my microphones and a generic cell phone tripod holder and now I can easily use the facial feature to snap photos.What am I most excited about –The wireless control is pretty niftyOn Black Friday 2011 I picked up a suction cup mount and have tried a few drivelapses (timelapse while driving) Now I can use the GPS to trigger over distance instead of time, this should give a different look and feel more true to the trip)Bulb Ramping Timelapse – Sunset and sunrise is very difficult to capture - you either lose light quickly or you use P mode and the light remains constant through the sunset totally ruining the idea of capturing a lovely sunset.  Did you know that as the sun sets you lose about a stop of light every 10 minutes.  Using the Bramping mode (for bulb ramping) you can pre-adjust for the light lost and really extend the length of time your timelapse will run while actually capturing the decreasing light.