WPPI Spider Booth

Visiting the SpiderBooth at WPPI - We take a look at their new products and Toby's favorite - the SpiderLight Backpacker.

Buy the SpiderLight Backpacker at https://bhpho.to/2HDpSvV

  • Holster your camera on your belt OR on your backpack strap.

  • Works on backpack strap or messenger bag strap.

  • Holster lock keeps camera securely in place.

  • Velcro elastic strap wraps around your lens, keeping it secure.

  • Great for biking with your camera!

  • Allows full compatibility with GoPro accessories/cameras.

  • Your GoPro camera locks securely in place.

  • Arca-Swiss geometry/design – go from your backpack holster, right to your Acra-Swiss tripod head.

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