Featured Photos Weekly Challenge - Vehicles

This Week’s Challenge: #PRTV_vehiclesAs Back to the Bricks starts up here in Michigan there’s plenty of car shows going on to shoot vehicles. Planes, trains, or automobiles it was up to you this week to go for a great shot. Bonus points for those that thought out of the box with toys, went for the details, or headed to a scrapheap.Next Week’s Challenge: #PRTV_natureFind out more about upcoming challenges and past winners at photorec.tv/prtvYou can follow Photorec.TV on Instagram at @Photorec.tv and the team:

Team FeatureTeam FeatureTeam Feature
Toby’s Features:

Lovely framing with a hint of motion blur from the camera’s perspective draws me into this excellent shot


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Love the shutter speed that gives just a hint of of propeller motion

Roy’s Features:

Going for a slower panning shot while moving is a bit challenging but gets a great bokeh