Inrigo Camera Bag - Fully Waterproof!

Inrigo Camera BagThe Inrigo waterproof bag is a neat design new to Kickstarter, or at least a dry one. While moisture damage is a bit rarer here in Michigan, traveling to humid countries or shooting around water can cause significant issues to your gear. The Inrigo is that extra bit of insurance and peace of mind you might want to keep things safe and dry. Designed to be a drybox on the go the airtight Inrigo is IP78 waterproof rated so your gear stays dry while in water up to a meter deep.  With its airtight seal, the bag even has the option to inflate to provide a bit more protection for bumps and the ability to float if the worst occurs.Coming in two models, you've got a bit of a choice in how you want to pack your gear. The LitePak acts as a dry spot to carry your normal camera bag, acting as a shell against the elements. The ProPak works as a standard camera bag or the same as the LitePak with two interior storage totes for your gear and a dehumidifier. Both still have the basics though with a tripod mount, water bottle holder, space for a tablet, and more.Inrigo Waterproof BagWhile it's a waterproof bag, it's also a smart one, using temperature and humidity sensors combined with Bluetooth. If it starts to get too hot or humid you'll automatically get a warning on your smartphone to see if there's an issue. As a plus, if you're out of range you can also get alerts so you don't lose track of your bag.Find out more on Inrigo's Kickstarter page and sign up while they still have early bird pledges available on the LitePak. Once these go retail they will be selling for $250-299 so getting the LitePak for $139 and ProPack for $179 is a steal.  If everything stays on track the bags will be out around May of 2018. For those planning on traveling or shooting around water often this is the bag you might want to pick up.