Inrigo Camera Bag - Fully Waterproof!

Inrigo Camera BagThe Inrigo waterproof bag is a neat design new to Kickstarter, or at least a dry one. While moisture damage is a bit rarer here in Michigan, traveling to humid countries or shooting around water can cause significant issues to your gear. The Inrigo is that extra bit of insurance and peace of mind you might want to keep things safe and dry. Designed to be a drybox on the go the airtight Inrigo is IP78 waterproof rated so your gear stays dry while in water up to a meter deep.  With its airtight seal, the bag even has the option to inflate to provide a bit more protection for bumps and the ability to float if the worst occurs.Coming in two models, you've got a bit of a choice in how you want to pack your gear. The LitePak acts as a dry spot to carry your normal camera bag, acting as a shell against the elements. The ProPak works as a standard camera bag or the same as the LitePak with two interior storage totes for your gear and a dehumidifier. Both still have the basics though with a tripod mount, water bottle holder, space for a tablet, and more.Inrigo Waterproof BagWhile it's a waterproof bag, it's also a smart one, using temperature and humidity sensors combined with Bluetooth. If it starts to get too hot or humid you'll automatically get a warning on your smartphone to see if there's an issue. As a plus, if you're out of range you can also get alerts so you don't lose track of your bag.Find out more on Inrigo's Kickstarter page and sign up while they still have early bird pledges available on the LitePak. Once these go retail they will be selling for $250-299 so getting the LitePak for $139 and ProPack for $179 is a steal.  If everything stays on track the bags will be out around May of 2018. For those planning on traveling or shooting around water often this is the bag you might want to pick up.

Peak Design Everyday Backpack Review

Peak Design Everyday BackpackI've had the 30L Peak Design Everyday Backpack for a while now going on photo hikes and using it for everyday work. It's a very dynamic bag for sure but is it the one for you? From a Kickstarter that raised millions to a standout brand, you can tell this gear is made by photographers for photographers. It takes a bit to get used to this open side design compared to other bags but it can be a great setup for the photographer on the go.

Nice for Hiking

  • Extra compression straps for carrying more gear, including a tripod or sleeping bag
  • Can fit a DJI Phantom or Mavic easily
  • Raised pads for the back to reduce pressure on the back and increase airflow 
  • Sternum and belly straps 
  • Waterproof design
  • Good to use with the Peak Design Capture Clip
  • Top and side handles for grab and go shooting
  • More room for other gear, a coat, or food

Great for Everyday

  • Sideload design makes it easy for quickly switching lenses.
  • Carry-on compliant for air travel
  • Luggage pass through to stack on top of a rolling suitcase
  • Separate back pocket for a 15” laptop with extra storage for paper.
  • Easy access anchor snap for keys or something else
  • Theft prevention snaps that cinch down the zippers
  • A safe pocket at the top to keep business cards, cash, or other important things safe.

One of the most over-engineered bags out there, as the bag is essentially hollow, the key for the Peak Design Everyday Backpack is the special Flexfold Dividers that Velcro in to form cells to hold your gear. Compared to some bags as the zippers fully cover the bag you can get full access to all your gear simply swinging it around your shoulder. Albeit starting out you'll be trying to remember if a lens is on the left side or right when grabbing a lens. The Everyday Backpack is a well designed and thought out backpack that you'll notice a nice touch or feature days after owning the bag.Peak Design Everyday BackpackPeak Design Flexfold DividersBeing an everyday bag it's a nice dynamic design for shelving when needed for just enough gear and leaving the rest as an open backpack. Each Flexfold divider acts as a shelf in the bag with a folding design to move out of the way for larger lenses or subdivide for smaller ones. Because they do not fully hit the sides like a traditional celled design at times that does mean small items such as a lens cap may float to the bottom. I do wish the 30L came with another divider, both the 20L and 30L come with 3 oddly despite it being bigger. After getting the backpack you can do their survey for $10 and pick one up for $5 with free shipping. All-in-all the Flexfold dividers are quite innovative, find out more in the tips & features video here.30L Everyday BagAs a plus, lots of pockets! I'm usually one to push the Cocoon Grid-it as I can't find enough space in bags for the little things either shooting or working. Peak Design included side flaps with many small pockets, a small pouch on the top, and a safe pocket with a magnet for important items (great for business cards). If you need to store something larger though like a polarizer filter and keep it protected I'd suggest a field pouch or similar bag to help store the things that just don't quite fit. Larger items can be stored in the side areas while not in pockets as they stretch but without more padding, I wouldn't recommend this for fragile items like glasses but it's good for a something like a laptop charger.Thanks to the expanding design the 30L is large enough to load a DJI Phantom internally with extra space for a remote. As you fill the bag with something this large it expands to fit the need. Due to this design, the 20L is actually 12L, and the 30L a 18L bag initially. For those that pack light or have gone mirrorless, the 20L is a great fit. For those with multiple bodies or large lenses would be better off with the 30L. To get that extra space, as you raise the Maglatch top flap up brackets in the bag you gain another 8L at the cost of waterproofing at max size being more open. When hiking I managed to easily fit my duck coat in the top half of the bag this way. If you do somehow manage to max this out compression straps are hidden in the bottom and side pockets to hold a tripod or whatever gear you can't manage to stuff inside.[embed][/embed]As an everyday bag, the laptop slot is nice as I can carry a notebook and slim laptop but the area collapses when not in use to not take up space. If you are using a full size 15" laptop it will be a snug fit, especially if the main compartment is full as it expands into that area. If you have to carry a lot of paper for work I wouldn't suggest this bag as it's too tight of a fit for much with the laptop included unless you want to sacrifice a divider space or two in the main area. As the dividers collapse down easily for every day I went with one section with a DSLR, zoom, and a 50mm STM lens with plenty of room for what I need to work on that day.[gallery td_select_gallery_slide="slide" ids="16633,16621,16620,16608,16612,16613,16614,16615,16617,16618,16622,16627,16628,16629,16630,16632"]As a note, it's something simple but if you want plain black it's actually coming soon. I've got their charcoal design to review here but if that's not your style, just recently Peak Design has started to come out with new black designs. As of this article, it hasn't gotten to the 30L yet but can be found in their 20L Everyday Backpack, Field Pouch, and a new 5L sling pouch announced today.Overall when compared to some of the more traditional designs of other bag companies the Everyday backpack certainly catches the eye in looks but is it a good camera bag? That depends a bit on you as there is never a perfect bag ( Toby has tons). The Everyday Backpack is good for quick access but it loses out to efficiency a bit. It is expensive though compared to competition such as Toby's favorite MindShift Gear bag for $40 less which may be more convenient for those that really have to pack a ton of gear. Overall it's quite comfortable and the swing design of the arm straps can angle to size the person while the ribbed back design keeps you cool. If you are looking for something different with a great design and everyday use this might be a great bag for you.Also, check out Peak Design’s new Give a Shot program aimed at connecting photographers with non-profit’s -

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  • Materials
    • Ultralight waxed Kodra synthetic canvas with DWR coating for weatherproofness, poly-spun mixed twill interior, compression-molded high-density EVA foam dividers and protective panels, die-cast and stamped anodized aluminum hardware with sandblasted finish and protective clear coat. Charcoal bags have Hypalon touchpoints, Ash bags have natural leather touchpoints.
  •  Lifetime Warranty
30L Everyday Bag

30L Everyday Backpack

20L Everyday Bag

20L Everyday Backpack

Min 18L - Max 30L
Min 12L - Max 20L
13" x 20" (up to 23") x 8"33cm x 51cm (up to 59cm) x 20cm
12" x 18" (up to 21") x 7"30cm x 46cm (up to 54cm) x 17cm
3.4lbs (1542g)
2.9lbs (1315g)
Flexfold Dividers
Tripod Carry
Side Pocket + Compression Strap
Side Pocket + Compression Strap
Charcoal, Ash
Charcoal, Ash, Tan, Black

Gear for Carrying Your Camera's talk about ways to carry your camera - with experience using Black Rapid Straps, Capture Clips, Spider Holster and Backpacker system, messenger bags, slings and backpacks - I show you the best of each method and share my "perfect" system for carrying gear these days. What's your favorite method of carrying a camera and or lens?

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Croatia Photo/Video Gear I just finished a fantastic trip in exploring the coast and islands of Southern Croatia. Beautiful country, friendly people. My goal on this trip was to produce video first and photos second. With video being my primary goal I am calling this the

Videography Travel Bag


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New! Signature Series Bags from Think Tank

Signature Series

Think Tank has gone modern and luxurious with their new Signature Series bags. Hand sewn, advanced fabrics blend weather protection and durability with the classic feel of fine wool. Genuine leather detailing and metal hardware add character and stand up to the rigors of daily use. In addition, the zippered flap provides full closure and security to the main compartment, or tucks away when not in use.  The Signature 10 fits a 10” tablet; the Signature 13 fits a 13” laptop.

Key Features:

  • Modern wool-like fabric that is soft to the touch and stands up to everyday use
  • Full-grain leather bottom and detailing, plus antique finished metal hardware
  • Secure clasps on front flap with one-handed operation
  • Dedicated phone pocket fits up to an iPhone 6s+ or S7 Edge
  • Wide handle pass-through for attaching to rolling luggage
  • Removable dividers for a completely collapsible bag
  • Water-resistant fabric and a seam-sealed rain cover for downpour conditions


 Signature 10

Signature Series 10

Signature 13

Signature Series 13

What Fits?
  • 1 standard size DSLR with 3–4 prime lenses and accessories
  • A complete Mirrorless camera system with 3–4 lenses and accessories
  • 10” tablet fits inside a dedicated compartment
  • 1 standard-size DSLR with mid-range zoom attached plus 2–3 additional lenses
  • 13” laptop fits inside a dedicated compartment
  • Internal Dimensions: 11.8” W x 7.8” H x 5.1” D (30 x 20 x 13 cm)
  • Exterior Dimensions: 13” W x 9.1” H x 5.9” D (33 x 23 x 15 cm)
  • 10" Tablet Pocket: 11.4” W x 7.8” H x 0.8” D (29 x 20 x 2 cm)
  • Weight: 2.8 lbs. (1.3 kg)
  • Internal Dimensions:13.3” W x 9.1” H x 5.1” D (34 x 23 x 13 cm)
  • Exterior Dimensions:14.6” W x 10.4” H x 6.3” D (37 x 26.5 x 16 cm)
  • Laptop/Tablet Pocket:13” W x 9.1” H x 1.2” D (33 x 23 x 3 cm)
  • Weight:3.1 lbs. (1.4 kg)
$249.00 $279.00


Buy them now at Think Tank and get free gear plus free shipping!

New Bags from ThinkTank - Trifecta Series 8, 10

Trifecta-8-Mirrorless-Backpack-1 Trifecta-10-DSLR-Backpack-1

Our friends at Think Tank Photo have just released two new backpacks designed to allow you three different ways to get at your three “workhorse” lenses.  The Trifecta 10 is designed for DSLR systems, and the Trifecta 8 is designed for mirrorless systems. These innovative backpacks sling for side access from both the left and right. They are the perfect carrying solution for when you are on the move and don’t want to have to take off your backpack to access your gear. The rear panel opening offers complete access to gear.  And don’t forget that when you use my link you receive free gear with your order as well as free shipping.Trifecta lowresShop Trifecta Series and All ThinkTank Bags at ThinkTank or Buy from B&H Photo Video