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This Week’s Challenge: #PRTV_retro

We went old school this week with Retro. Whether it was an old item, one with a nod to the past, a throwback portrait, or just a creative edit it was up to you.Next Week’s Challenge: #PRTV_food2(Check out Rose's Food Photography Tips)Find out more about upcoming challenges and past winners at photorec.tv/prtv.You can follow Photorec.TV on Instagram at @Photorec.tv and the team:

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Toby’s Features:

Huge props for the camera! The nice tight crop is great with the focus on the camera.

My first SLR camera 📸 #praktica #mtl3 #35mmfilm #oldskool #prtv #prtv_retro #seventies #stiffupperlens

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Roy’s Features:

Look at this little guy! The nice low angle works well getting the face of the moped and the edit matches the paint job.

Haven’t seen one of these in awhile, I like that your editing went a bit on the cool side to match the water.

Photo challenge: #prtv_retro #sonya7ii

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