Photo Mish Mash Ep53: Octopus Selfie

  Show Notes:Reader Question of the week: Best Day of the Week? in review AKA in case you missed it-Sponsor Message: YOU! PATREON SUPPORTERS - Photography Academy: Lantern April Fools Prank - Blue screen of death inserted by one of the developers. a moment and hit the THUMBS UP BUTTONScott-(If camera deals look too good to be true be warned, plug link for B&H) this octopus a better photographer than you? opposite of Traveling Light - ? - McKay Photography Trip - Greece and New Zealand - Join US.Discussion:David HuangWhen you are shooting portraits how do you decide whether to shoot in portrait or landscape orientation? Are there reasons why I would choose one versus the other? I feel like portrait orientation makes it easier to get more of the person's body while landscape is more for head shots but I'm sure it's much more complicated than that..Scott - one tip for environmental portraits is look for strong horizontal or vertical lines in the scene and match your frame with what is provided in front of your cameraEFL-Craig LanceI was wondering for an up-coming Mish Mash episode if you could talk about ETTR (Expose To The Right)? I was blown away about how a camera's sensor has such a high dynamic range on the right (light) side of the histogram as opposed to the left (dark). If you intentionally overexpose a shot in-camera, then compensate by correcting the exposure in Lr, you'll get an image with better dynamic range.While there are other ways to go about it there is actually a nice DIY you can do.Go to a flower shop and buy a couple of the brightest red cut flowers available. I.E. rose, dahlia, zinna, carnation, amaryllis, etc. Since your using ETTR and red is the most energetic spectrum its a lso the first to get blown out in the histogram. With the camera on a tripod try to fill the frame with the flower the best you can in normal indoor light. Take a photo at normal exposure then go to review and look at the colors in the histogram. At this point keep your aperture and ISO the same, lower the shutter speed to raise the exposure slightly and try again. Repeat until you get the highlight warning in the review screen, the blinkies. Now take the photos to lightroom and expose them correctly. For flowers with more curves such as a rose and dahlia you'll see a lot more shadow detail on the ETTR shots vs the center metered photos. In terms of the demonstration taking the bracket you should be able to flip through the photos and see very slight differences as you get closer to the right.Link to red flowerReader Questions:BikeBerrycomopinion on GH4? I just sold my t5i stuff for a gh4kdo888Want to print more. What aspect ratio and size (max) are ideal for images captured with a 70d while maintaining best IQ. I've seen frames sized for digital prints. What's that?CameraplexToby, Christina, what cloud backup do you guys use? Missed this if you've answered before…More info: http://photorec.tvWant answers to your questions? Patreon supporters get fast access to Toby from (a free way to support my work)Amazon: Provided by http://beatsuite.comMore Recommendations: