Weekly Instagram Challenge Winner #PRTV_mayflowers

I recently started a new series here at Photorec.tv - weekly Instagram challenges. Each lasting just a week, with the theme announced on the live show on Wed nights. You have until the following Wednesday at 12pm EDT to tag your entry. The first challenge was photographing flowers uniquely. Flowers are beautiful but that doesn't mean you shouldn't look for ways to showcase that beauty uniquely.  Scroll down for the next challenge theme.The winner of of the #PRTV_mayflowers challenge was Angela R. I love the almost completely frame filling perspective and perfect exposure with just a hit of petal division. Nicely done Angela!https://instagram.com/p/2jX5-ZkugR/?tagged=prtv_mayflowers I love the number of participants and entries in this challenge and want to highlight a few honorable mentions-https://instagram.com/p/2ec1YigPlX/?tagged=prtv_mayflowershttps://instagram.com/p/2c0ZMrQDoM/?tagged=prtv_mayflowershttps://instagram.com/p/2ilncUjT-3/?tagged=prtv_mayflowers All the entries - take a moment to view all the entries and give some likes and comments sharing your opinion on these unique flower photos. https://instagram.com/explore/tags/prtv_mayflowers/

May 13-20 Challenge

The new challenge is Instagram and social media cliches - show me your food shots, your selfies, the lone tree on the hill and tag them #PRTV_maycliche and #PRTV the best will get highlighted here next week.Thanks,Toby (Photorectoby on Instagram)