Instagram Winners - Negative Space

This week focused on using nothing to focus on something, #PRTV_negativespace. Your entries this week were awesome, you guys nailed negative space to a T.  With Toby on a McKay Live trip there was no live show this week but Roy and Scott have picked your best use of negative space.The weekly challenges are still going! You can find all the past challenges on the PRTV page along with next week’s challenge #prtv_spring. Being that time of the year take a second to go outside and show us the best spring has to offer. Like always to enter post your photos on Instagram before noon next Wednesday with the tags #prtv and #prtv_spring.

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And the team!Toby - Photorectoby Scott - photoscott88 Roy - RoyMcKeeIII

Scott's Winner:

I love the framing and simplicity of this shot.The clouds and interest and the bird has that negative space to fly into. Great shot!'s Honorable Mentions:I picked this because it's clever and shows a different interpretation of the original brief. Thinking outside of the box, very creative!

I love the silhouette here, the negative space draws the attention to the subject. Not just another sunset but one with real interest. Great composition.'s Winner:Can’t get any more minimalist than this for sure. Becky’s use of the bay completely eliminates the background and with a long shutter exposure smooths out the water. Which leaves focus on this nice dead tree in the water starting at a rule of thirds point.'s Honorable Mentions:Using a shallow depth of field combined with an angle to isolate the grass allows negative space for the subject. This allows the child to become the main focal point as there is nothing to draw the eye away. there’s getting low and letting the sky do the work. Christine has a good example of what a lot of new photographers have to learn. Your camera is not fixed at the height of a person and by shifting perspective this allows you to create that negative space yourself.