Instagram Winners - Spring

This week was spring, or a cheeky idea of if its not in your area at the moment for our international viewers. There were some good photos up and a few that went quite literal, in the best way.  With Toby on a McKay Live trip there was no live show this week but Roy and Scott have picked your best spring or "spring" photos.The weekly challenges are still going! You can find all the past challenges on the PRTV page along with next week’s challenge #prtv_shiny. A patreon choice as Toby's off in Cuba go look for the shinies and get the best photo you can! Like always to enter post your photos on Instagram before noon next Wednesday with the tags #prtv and #prtv_shiny.

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And the team!Toby - Photorectoby Scott - photoscott88 Roy - RoyMcKeeIII

Scott's Winner: love the creative interpretation, the composition and reflection are excellent and the colours really grabbed my eye. Great work!Scott's Honorable Mentions: great candid style shot. A moment of everyday life captured. I like the way the flowers have framed the subject framed environmental portrait. The lighting is beautiful, you have eye contact and I like the way the tree over her head curves giving natural framing. Great job!Roy's Winner: composition and color. Flowers follow a third of the photo then contrast with the rocky shoreline. Gives a big spring burst of color to your photo.Roy's Honorable Mentions: told Scott someone was going to be cheeky and put up a literal spring. Justin Lai has a great tabletop photo of a slinky with a well done reflection.  Somewhat tricky of a subject lighting wise but its done quite well.'m in Michigan and located near one of the bigger birding areas in the state. So spring for me has to be birds. Vijaya has a great shot of a sparrow with a paper thin depth of field and nailed the focus. Composition is great as compared to a lot of photos this has the room to breathe and the bird is not crammed in the shot.