Northern Lights Video - Explored

I recently traveled to Alaska with McKay Photography Academy  - If you don't follow me on Instagram you missed out on some fun stories! Insta Stories is where I am doing much of my vlogging and behind the scenes content these days.   My Youtube vlog is coming soon - in the meantime here is a look at the stunning Aurora Borealis display we got to see - shot over two nights - Gear list and info below the video.  We are making plans to return to this awesome viewing location in March -Drop your name and email if you want to be on the pre notice list?Be sure to watch full screen - 4K resolution possible. over two nights outside Fairbanks Alaska- KP index was a 1 and 2.- Temperatures were -30°F to -10°F

A breakdown of the shots seen in the video

screenshot-2016-12-07-17-33-31 screenshot-2016-12-07-16-52-30 screenshot-2016-12-07-16-53-23 screenshot-2016-12-07-16-58-11 screenshot-2016-12-07-17-03-28 Captured with the Sony A7RII and Batis 18mm - 4 second exposure ISO 3200 Captured with the Sony A7RII and 12mm Laowa - 30 second exposures ISO 1250.All the individual shots were placed in Final Cut Pro - :04 seconds in a 30fps video.   Notice the shorter exposure shots capture a bit more of the detail but the difference isn't huge between a 4 and 30 second exposure!

Aurora Borealis Camera Gear

Sony A7RII- B&H Photo LinkLenses - Batis 18mm f/2.8 & Laowa Optics 12mm f/2.8Olympus E-M1 Mark II- B&H Photo LinkLenses - 7-14mm f/2.8 and Lumix 12mm f/1.4Mefoto Travel Tripod CFTriggerTrap Kit for SonyJackery Thunder 10050mAh (used to power the Sony)Some additional information: I wanted to shoot more with the Olympus, but in the freezing dark, I found the familiarity of my Sony easier to work with AND I could power the Sony with the external USB for longer time lapses. I was provided only one battery with the Olympus and wanted to save it for some video work. Both cameras performed well in the extreme cold, with one exception. On our first night of shooting, I didn't have the sony plugged into the USB battery and left it running a series of shots. It died in about 40 minutes! I expected that, but it got so cold that the internal battery must have died and I had to reset the date and time.

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