Instagram Challenge Top Picks - Architecture 3

Instagram ChallengeEvery week we put your skills to the test in the Instagram challenge. This is your chance to try something a bit different, maybe learn a new skill, or just get a bit of practice in shooting.

This Week’s Challenge: #PRTV_architecture3

Some really neat photos this week! Focusing on repeating patterns and light really worked out for this week’s challenge. There are only three top picks this week with Toby on tour but check the rest out at #PRTV_architecture3. Next Week's Challenge: #PRTV_parksWith spring starting, hit up a park! This week will be Earth Day and National Park Week with the National Park Foundation so it’s a great time to go shoot outside.

Roy’s Features:
Instagram ChallengeAn interesting take on an architecture black and white that really shows the shapes in the building.
Instagram ChallengeIt might be Trinity College but this shot from Marita almost seems Harry Potterish with this old architecture for a great photo.
Instagram ChallengeA different take on a recognizable monument to most, giving the building a bit of breathing room worked well!

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