Mish Mash Highlights: 4/4/2018

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This week's photography news and more with the Mish Mash Highlights. This week Lightroom got a big update, if you haven't noticed yet go check it out. We've also got a bunch of gear in for reviews so that'll be coming out soon!Toby's back this week with the live show as well. It's the same material you get here, but straight from the man himself while you can talk to the PEN community in a group chat. If that sounds good sign up to PEN today at photoenthusiastnetwork.com. The live show is just a bonus to a ton of great content.

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Articles Out this week!

Lightroom Classic CC v7.3 | April 2018 UPDATESFor those that want to get a bit more advanced with their editing Lightroom Classic now has a new color profile system and creative profiles. A big boost to editing and we should be seeing some really neat presets in the future. Along with the update there's been a few UI changes and items moved for better workflow, hopefully to get you out shooting again faster.

Around the Web

We can't cover everything photography news related but we try. For everything else, we've got the best news articles from around the web.

As one of those viral stories, you can't stop this Canon G12 that managed to survive under water for two years! Al beit, thanks to an underwater housing, but with the power of social media they managed to find the owners within a couple days. This little Canon got swept 155 miles away from where it was lost in Japan to end up in Taiwan and fortunately found by school kids.


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Starting out I think a lot of photographers wait for that bluebird sky to take photos. So this week we flipped the script going for darker shots whether you got a bit creative or just waited for that light to fall. Next Week's Challenge: #PRTV_pets3Time to let the fur fly with a pets challenge next! Go get some cute shots or your pets, or someone elses, for a nice shot this week.

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Photos from Space

Check out theis neat shot of Java, Bali, and Lombok. It almost looks like someone photoshopped a line of islands into a shot :)

From space, the sprawling Indonesian islands of Java, Bali and Lombok appear perfectly arranged. In this majestic view, captured from 250 miles above courtesy of astronaut Ricky Arnold (@Astro_Ricky) aboard the International Space Station (@iss), the impeccably aligned islands are disconnected only by tiny passages of water called straits. The Lombok Strait, which separates Bali and Lombok, is a slice of an invisible boundary called the Wallace Line. The margin, which runs between Asia and Australia, was created by British naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace in 1859 and was drawn to separate the wildlife of Australia from the wildlife of Southeast Asia. This study of the geographical distribution of species and ecosystems is called biogeography and was formed from the work of Wallace and other biologist and explorers. There are currently six people living on the space station. While living aboard humanity’s only permanently occupied microgravity laboratory, they will work on hundreds of experiments in biology, biotechnology, physical science and Earth science. Credit: NASA/@Astro_Ricky #nasa #space #spacestation #crew #astronaut #spacecraft #orbit #earth #research #science #picoftheday #indonesia #bali #archipelago #java #lombok #islands

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That's all folks! We'll be back next week with even more of your photo news. If you guy's like the highlights leave us comments on the social media posts and we'll keep this going!
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