Instagram Challenge Top Picks - Flash 2

Instagram ChallengeEvery week we put your skills to the test in the Instagram challenge. This is your chance to try something a bit different, maybe learn a new skill, or just get a bit of practice in shooting.

This Week’s Challenge: #PRTV_flash2

When you need more light, you make it! With this week’s flash challenge it was your chance to show off those skills when you get away from all natural lighting.Next Week's Challenge: #PRTV_longexposureNext week it’s time to shoot a bit longer. Slowing your shutter speed down just a bit can be a great tool for showing motion, a bit more for blurry waterfalls. At the longest times letting enough light in to catch a milky way and stars.

Roy’s Features:
  • A clever idea and the black and white almost gives it a metallic effect with that more contrasted side lighting.
  • Just a great portrait with nice even lighting that looks great!
  • While I’d suggest a colored gel next time this is a nice go at balancing out a flash with the ambient lighting of a sunset.

For more info on the Instagram Challenges, the schedule, and past top picks go check out Try out some of Toby's Instagram Tips. For everything else Instagram, tag those shots #PRTV and #penlive for our daily photo features.