Instagram Challenge Top Picks – Urbex

Instagram ChallengeEvery week we put your skills to the test in the Instagram challenge. This is your chance to try something a bit different, maybe learn a new skill, or just get a bit of practice in shooting.

This Week’s Challenge: Urbex - #PRTV_urbex

A long called for challenge, urbex show’s what we left behind and a good look at something long gone. Your goal for this week and certainly a challenge!

Next Week's Challenge: Song Title - #PRTV_songtitle

We take inspiration while shooting from many places and next week your goal is to use a song title as an idea for a shoot. It should be an interesting challenge so get creative!

Top Picks

  • Toby: I like that this one is light and airy showing the decay
  • Roy: A really interesting shot showing the aging and abandoned setting
  • Toby: A nicely balanced image, the editing really matches the content
  • Roy: A piece of history left behind works well with those iconic posters. It's a shame in your caption the building is now demolished.

For more info on the Instagram Challenges, the schedule, and past top picks go check out Try out some of Toby's Instagram Tips. For everything else Instagram, tag those shots #PRTV and #penlive for our daily photo features.