Preview - Canon 6D Mark II Canon 6D Mark IIPreorder Canon 6D Mark II (Body only $1999 | with 24-105 f/4 II | with 24-105 STM)Best Place to buy used gear"EOS 6D Mark II and EOS Rebel SL2 DSLR Cameras Provide Photographers with Improved Features over Predecessors".Canon’s own marketers couldn’t come up with a more exciting opening statement than - we made them better than the old ones?!?!I have some thoughts to share on the newly announced Canon 6D Mark II.Let’s run through those improved features -

  • 26 Megapixel Full-frame Sensor up from 20MP of the 6D
  • 45-point All Cross-type AF System, serious upgrade from the 11 points with ONE cross type and this AF system is identical to what’s in the 80D
  • Dual Pixel AF for smooth and capable focus in live view - stills or movies
  • 1080 at 60fps but you do have electronic IS - NOTE this is JUST for movies - and identical to what is offered in the 77D.
  • DIGIC 7 Image Processor supporting an ISO range from 100-40000
  • High-speed Continuous Shooting at up to 6.5 fps
  • And YES, YES YES - we have a Vari-angle Touch Screen, 3 inch LCD - do you know how many times I have heard you ask for an articulating screen on a full frame Canon
  • Updated connectivity we see on all the recent Canon releases with Built-in Wi-Fi, NFC, Bluetooth and GPS technology

I have seen this described as a full frame version of the 80D and that is fairly accurate - You do lose the pop-up flash and your top shutter speed decreases to 1/4000 vs 1/8000 in the 80D, disappointing but otherwise this should perform very similarly to the 80D - same focus system, almost the same burst rate - so if you are an existing Canon shooter and you have been waiting for a full frame option with articulating screen - here you go. But is that enough?What may be deal breakers for some -Single Card SD slot - you need to go with a 5D Mark III or 5D Mark IV if you want the peace of mind of two card slots - Wedding and portrait photographers capturing can’t miss moments like the insurance of having these photos saved to two cards simultaneouslyTop Shutter speed of 1/4000 of a second - this isn’t about capturing fast action- this is about being able to use fast prime lenses outside in bright light and a flash sync speed on the low side at 1/180 of a second.No 4K video recording - you know - I work with photographers of all abilities - either through my support group or when teaching with Mckay photography academy and 95% of them are photographers and don’t really care about 4K video or care about video at all BUT as I said in my 5D Mark IV video - Canon at one time was groundbreaking in offering cameras that were great hybrids and competitive in both photos and videos and when you have headlines and youtube reviewers left and right saying No 4k it makes you consumers stop and wonder if this is a good value and while today video features might not matter to you - when you spend two grand on a camera I expect you expect to be using it for awhile and it’s a bit of a joke to not include 4k now and in just a few short months it’s going to feel quite dated.  And as I said many of you don’t care about 4K but can you be sure you won’t care about it next year or the year after? Between the headlines, the tweets the Youtubers - the lack of 4k on this camera will hurt its sales. And no headphone jack makes this a less desirable hybrid shooting tool too. In short - no one and I mean no one should be buying this for video.Let’s wrap this up -Photographers with Canon lenses dying for an articulating screen on a full frame camera- this looks very nice and seriously, I don’t mean to make light of how useful an articulating screen is for landscape and general photography and that is who this camera is targeted at and does represent a decent offering. However, For professionals wedding - family portrait etc - I would consider a used 5D Mark III that can be bought for cheaper and gives you the dual card slots plus the better shutter speed and flash sync speed.Once the 6D ships, I will do a hands-on review. Make sure to subscribe to be notified.I’d love to know your thoughts - is this the camera you have been waiting for. Did they offer enough improved features over the predecessors? What is the next most exciting camera to anticipate - Nikon D760, Sony a7III? Or something else? Leave those thoughts in the comments below. 

Canon 6D vs 70D - Full Frame Sensor vs Crop Sensor

With recent price drops Canon’s “budget” full frame camera is close in price to the newer 70D.  At first glance they look pretty similar and size and shape and both offer 20MPs - but this is where I need to pause and remind everyone that a number like MP tells so little that it is often worthless to compare. IN a day when we have cell phones shooting 20-40 MP we must consider the size of the sensor and a full frame sensor is significantly bigger than the APS-C sensor found in the 70D. Wikipedia Sensor Sizes Compared Let's look at the similarities

  • Both are about same size and weight - 6D is just a little heavier.
  • Controls are very similar - top LCD and rows of buttons virtually identical
  • Both have Wifi - remote triggering or connectiing to smartphone or laptop for downloading images.
  • LCD Screen is same resolution


  • 70D screen is touch sensitive and articulating - I find both to be extremely useful in a variety of situations and no i never accidentally trigger the touchscreen.
  • 70D has a popup flash -nothing to get excited about but it is still nice to have and can trigger off camera flash using. You will need to buy an external flash for the 6D- best budget flash is Yongnuo $90 bucks which is going to give you much better results but it is something you need to buy and carry around
  • 70D has a button near the shutter Af area selection - points to greater control over AF with better options vs the 6D
  • 6D has just 11 AF points and only center is cross type vs 70D with 19 AF points all cross type.  It is important to note that the center AF point on the 6D is much better in low light.
  • 6D has an additional custom mode on the dial (2 custom modes vs 1 C1 on the 70D)
  • 6D has GPS - nice for traveling, can impact battery life negatively. 70D is compatible with external GPS Device 
  • 70d can fire off 7.5 fps vs 6D is around 5 fps.
  • 6D has a max shutter of 1/4000 and 70D 1/8000.
  • Flash sync speed 1/180 on Canon 6D and 1/250 on Canon 70D - this isn’t anything to get hung up on but it is somewhat disappointing that Canon made this choice to limit the 6D in this way.

 Image Quality - The 6D with its full frame sensor really produces beautiful low noise high detail images, even at the upper range of the ISO limit.  70D is an excellent crop sensor camera but less detail in images and as light levels drop the noise does increase compared to the 6D.  Really it comes down to performance vs image quality. The 70D is fast, super user friendly and cheaper with cheaper lenses available.   The 6D is slow but produces lovely images - you pay more and you will pay more for lenses as the 6D needs EF lenses which typically are more expensive.Canon 70DWatch my 70D Review | Buy the Canon 70D from Amazon | Canon 70D from B&H Photo Canon 6DWatch my 6D Hands On | Buy the Canon 6D from Amazon | Canon 6D from B&H Photo Canon 70D vs 7D mark II Watch my Canon 70D vs Canon 7D Mark II