Canon 5D Mark IV vs Sony A7R2 with 24-70 f/2.8 Lens

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Sony vs Canon
Camera Canon Sony
MP 30 (Dimensions - 6720 x 4480) 42 (Dimensions - 7952 x 5304)
FPS 7.0 5.0
Video 4K with 1.7x crop / JPEG Codec 4K Full Frame / XAVC Codec
Storage Dual Card - SD and CF Single SD Card
LCD Fixed 3.2" Touch enabled Tilting 3.0"
Viewfinder; Optical 100% Coverage Electronic 100% Coverage;
FPS 7.0 5.0
Battery Life 900 Shots 290 Shots
Weight 890 g (1.96 lbs) 625 g (1.38 lb)
Body Only Price $3500 (buy from BH Photo) $3200 (buy from BH Photo)
24-70 Lens Weight 805 g (1.77 lb) 866 g (1.95 lb)
24-70 Lens Cost $1750 (buy from BH Photo) $2198 (buy from BH Photo)
TOTAL COST & WEIGHT 1695 g 3.74 lbs | $5250 1491 g 3.33 lbs | $5398


Sony A7R II Review


Video Review

My Review of the Sony a7RII after using for a month, what I love, What I hate and some thoughts if this is the camera for you. is a work in progress. . .  

Helpful Links

Support my work -Buy the Sony a7R II from B&H PhotoI suggest you pick up the small but so sharp 35mm f/2.8 Lens - Buy from B&H PhotoRecommended Accessories:Sony 64GB SDXC - Supports 4K:Spare batteriesUSB Charger mentioned, NP-FW50 Dual Rapid Battery Charger for SonyCharge VIA USB Power from RavPower USB Battery: RAVPower 13000mAh BatterySmall tripod seen in video, used in Iceland: Pedco Ultralight Tripod 

Alternative Cameras -

Taking the features that I love about the Sony -

  • Excellent sensor with fantastic low light performance
  • Articulating LCD
  • Shoots 4k video that looks gorgeous
  • In body image stabilization useful for hand-held video and low light photography
  • Fast and accurate AF system
  • EVF
  • Smaller and Lighter (Unless I am packing the adapter and my Canon glass)

As I said in the review - it is difficult to find another camera that does all of this so well but it is expensive and lenses are relatively expensive too*  So if you are willing to sacrifice a feature or two I have some suggestions.Nikon D750 (My review)

  • Articulating Screen
  • Very good Sony sensor inside
  • Good video quality (not 4K though)
  • Great price with lots of affordable Nikon lenses to choose from
  • Additional Strength - Awesome battery life

Buy the Nikon D750 from B&H Photo for $1,996.95Buy a stabilized lens for your Nikon D750Panasonic GH4 (My review)

  • Articulating touch screen
  • Excellent 4k video in good light
  • Fantastic battery life
  • Small and MFT lenses are tiny
  • Affordable

Buy the Panasonic GH4 from B&H Photo for $1,397.99 ($100 instant savings)Sony a7II (My Review)

  • 1/2 the price of the Sony A7R II but still offers
    • Excellent sensor
    • In body image stabilization
    • Big, bright viewfinder
    • The grip and in hand-feel I like with the A7RII (the bodies are identical)

Buy the Sony a7II from B&H Photo for $1,698.00 ($100 instant savings)

Photo Mish Mash EP69: Sony a7R2 goes to a wedding Sponsors:You - Patreon Supporters. Learn More at Notes:New lenses from Nikon24-70 f/2.8 VR - Nikon beats Canon with a f/2.8 VR lens.  Big, heavy and expensive ($2400) but very sharp!200-500 f/5.6 - $1400 at 500mm it is faster than the slightly cheaper Tamron and Sigma offerings - will be interesting to see how it compares.24mm f/1.8Commlite will be making a Nikon F to Sony E adapter (I hope it is better than the current EF to E mount I have from Commlite.Canon is making a tilt shift adapter that can be used with EOS-M system? Cute story of a puppy photoshoot in the style of baby photos

1DX successor is in final form and is being tested

Canon to place increased focus on EOS M system in 2016

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  1. anyone have any preferences/recs for travel tripods? I know that Toby has reviews for several...just wondered if anyone had any personal likes/dislikes
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  1. Question for Christina. Besides the use of an adapter would you like it?
  2. They mean the Sony
  1. Ayaan Mudra Rakshasa 
  1. how're are two bodies better rather than one?
  2. Asking for people who're not into weddings. Like in weddings, it's disastrous for a body to crap out on you. I'm more of a sports shooter, at least trying to be one.
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