Photo Mish Mash Episode 10 - Av Mode is Dangerous

Week in Review-Stay tuned for the giveaway...We didn’t define a few words last week in our Jargon episode like BOKEH!!! Blown Out, Highlights, Histogram, ChimpingHistogram video Link - What is your HistogramHistogram discussionChimping9:00 70D focusing problem70D focus issue? Dont panic - it is disappointing but not cause for total panic12:27 NEWS android release camcorders dead?Getty’s BIG announcement Discussion - AV MODE IS DANGEROUS!!37:28 Reader Questionssokoli989 asks - What is the most common lens you use at weddings?March Canon Mail In Rebates (LINK)Does the greater number of focus points mean more will be in focus?Often asked about Nikon having 39 focus points vs the 11 from Canon and relatedly I had someone comment that they always use all the focus points so that everything will be in focus.Fav Photo of the week?Christina picks picks something special - GIVEAWAY