Your Photos Suck - Tips for Sucking Less as a Photographer

I have just a few quick tips to help you suck less as a photographer - or at the very least fool your friends into thinking you are improving greatly! This is a great video to share with your friends and family who post way too many photos on facebook. A couple of simple tips will get everybody taking better photos.

Quick Tips to better photos

  1. Share only your best work - if you have three photos of a tree PICK ONE, the best one and only share that one image. I used Facebook in the video but if you upload to more than one photo to Instagram at the same time you are doing it WRONG.
  2. Post process your images- Nothing major requiring hours - just add a little clarity, make sure your horizon is straight - learn just how easily it is, you can even do it automatically on import!
  3. Be deliberate in your framing, leveling and timing(see tip 4) - I talk more about framing in my tips for photographing cities.
  4. Timing - don't just snap a photo and walk away - wait for the moment that frames people, objects nicely.
  5. Take time to learn the basics of your camera and understand aperture, shutter speed and ISO

Do you have additional simple tips for sucking less? Leave a comment on the video Thanks to Nick Sharples for helping me film Follow @nsharplesFilmed withPanasonic GH4 and 12-35 f/2.8 LensHandheld Shots with Crane gimbal