Mish Mash Highlights: 2/28/2018

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A big week for photography news, it's the end of the WPPI conference with Toby in Las Vegas to cover the event. We've got early thoughts on the new Sony a7III as well as a bevy of lenses, flashes, and more gear. As always this is your weekly highlights with photography news, Instagram top picks, photos from space, and more!While Toby does the Live Show for PEN this is your quick peek at what we’re doing behind the scenes. But, you can always join Photo Enthusiast Network and watch Toby live, find out more at Photorec.tv/pen. For everyone that are already PEN members, thank you for supporting the site!

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Preorders are live for the Sony a7III in body only and with a 28-70mm lens

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We can't cover everything photography news related but we try. For everything else, we've got the best news articles from around the web.The Canon EOS 4000D might be the cheapest DSLR ever launchedCanon introduces EOS Rebel T7 with updated 24MP sensorCanon's beginner line just got updated with the T7 and there's a new budget-friendly 4000D coming to Europe only for now. The T7 gets an upgrade to the current 24MP sensor but that's about it as Canon is trying to push their higher end models. The 4000D will be an even more streamlined version of the T7 for around $385 body only.

Canon T7Canon 4000D

6 Things to Know About Vero, the App Everyone and Their Mother Is Talking AboutAs you might have heard, everywhere, there's a new hot app for photographers on the market called Vero. It's currently having growing pains while upgrading servers to fill demand it's a bit tricky to log in at the moment. Vero is like Instagram in terms of posting, but there's no pesky algorithm in your way, making it a fan of those annoyed with Facebook and Instagram's filtering posts. Billed as a social media platform for users it has no ads, paying for the service with an in-app buy now feature and eventual subscription for later users. There has been a backlash towards the app though, as it's founder has a shady past. If this sounds interesting hurry up, as only the first million subscriptions are free. You can find me at roymckeeiii and Toby at photorectoby.

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Hot Deal! Thanks to WPPI this week get the Canon Pixma Pro-100 Printer for just $99.99 with code BHWPPI18Other Stories You Might Like:

Featured Photos Weekly Challenge

Instagram Challenge

This Week’s Challenge: #PRTV_DIY

A do it yourself week with those little DIYs, photography related or not. It's nice to challenge yourself from time to time and these little projects can net you some interesting shots.Next Week's Challenge: #PRTV_MoodNext week is a bit trickier as you have to capture emotion. While portraits could be key this week you can think out of the box for something such as a rainy day for feeling down and sad. Remember color can play big into this, we read into things a lot and color can be that extra little push that can make the scene.

Roy’s Features:

Bubble solution for a neat DIY! I like the blue stripe for whatever was in the background. Check out Jane's post for some tips on doing this one.

Instagram Challenge

Sharp and colorful! It's certainly a neat DIY with lots of color. 

Capturing smoke takes a lot of photos but you can get some neat shots. What does this one look like to you?

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Photos from Space

NASA spacecraft snaps breathtaking photo of Jupiter storm

A snapshot from Juno recently released by Nasa of Jupiter's giant red dot.Jupiter

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That's all folks! We'll be back next week with even more of your photo news. If you guy's like the highlights leave us comments on the social media posts and we'll keep this going! For Pen members, Toby will be back on air March 28th.