Rokinon 35mm f/2.8 on SALE & SmallRig L-Bracket is Great!

B&H Photo has the tiny and affordable 35mm f/2.8 lens for Sony FE mount on sale TODAY for just $249. This is an autofocus lens that is fun to throw on your Sony - it makes your mirrorless camera so small and light AND it is sharp! I was blown away by how sharp this lens is, even wide open. At $249 it is must buy! Buy from B&H Photo - $100 OFF TODAY ONLYSample Photos Rokinon 35mm f/2.8[gallery columns="5" ids="18835,18836,18837,18838,18839"]

SmallRig L-Bracket for Sony A7III/A7M3/A7RIII/A9

I have also been testing the SmallRig L-Bracket system for my Sony a7RIII for a few months and I love thisL_Bracket. It provides a small amount of additional grip, making the camera more comfortable and the Arca Swiss bottom and side plate make tripod mounting easy. The side plate is adjustable or you can remove it completely.The included hex wrench is magnetically attached to the bottom making sure it is always available. I am used to high-quality L brackets costing several hundred dollars. This SmallRig bracket is just $47!!  It attaches through the tripod socket and sits very securely at the base of your camera. Remember the weakest point in weather sealing on the Sony cameras is the bottom, attaching the SmallRig L-Bracket raises the camera off whatever surface you place it on, add additional protection. I no longer worry about where I am setting my camera down.Learn More at SmallRig  

Best Canon Lenses on SALE!

Canon RebatesCanon has a new batch of rebates including their top L grade lenses you can buy. The Canon 24-70mm and 70-200mm lenses are excellent and versatile pieces of glass - sharp, excellent in low light and a pair of lenses coveted by wedding, event and portrait photographers. The Canon 100mm Macro is a close-up dream lens for macro shots such as rings, product photography, and can still do portraits if you're in a pinch. Check the B&H rebates page out, Canon has deals on these lenses and more!

Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM LensCanon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM LensInstant Savings: $200.00

New Rebates for the US - Great Deals on Nikon DSLRs With a Free Grip

Spring is here and with that a bundle of new rebates from all the major companies. The D750, D810, and D500 from Nikon all come with a free grip and accessory package. Including the discount, it's a great deal if you are looking to upgrade.Nikon Free Grip link - B&HAmazon Free Grip Link - D750 | D810 | D500Amazon Free Grip Link (Body Only) - D750 | D810 | D500Beyond rebates as always remember to check out our Camera & Photo Deals section for great savings on gear you need.Nikon RebatesCanon RebatesSony RebatesSigma RebatesTamron RebatesPanasonic RebatesFuji Rebates

Battery Grips - 3rd Party are fine - SALE

Awesome savings - TODAY ONLY

I am asked about battery grips almost everyday and the question usually is -
Do I need to spend hundreds of dollars on my camera brand grips or can I buy 3rd party and save? 
I am happy to share that brands like these Vello on sale today at B&H Photo offer all of the quality and functions of the much more expensive Canon, Nikon and Sony branded.Benefits of a battery grip:
  • Doubles your shooting time (you now have 2 batteries in your camera
  • Makes smaller cameras easier to hold and more comfortable in hand
  • Provides easier portrait shooting with shutter buttons
  • Additional controls
  • Excellent for longer timelapses

B&H Photo Battery Grip Sale - Canon | Nikon | Sony | Panasonic | Fuji

Cheap Pro Level Drone - $399!!

With gimbal for smooth footageB&H has the Phantom 2 Quadcopter v2.0 with Zenmuse H4-3D Gimbal Kit for just $399 today!!  This is a pro level drone with an awesome gimbal. The gimbal is what makes or breaks your aerial footage, cheap drones don't have them and you have jerky and barely watchable video from those drones. Drones with quality gimbals produce amazingly smooth video- even if it is your first flight. I am living proof seriously when you let go of the controls the drone uses GPS and the gimbal to just hold in place. You can see some footage I shot in 2014 in Italy with similar gimbal setup- my first time flying and it is rock solid!Why is the drone so cheap? You need to supply your own GoPro Hero 4. And that is of course something you can use off the drone too for underwater, timelapse or just a tiny go anywhere camera.Buy from B&H Photo for $399Some example footage from an older drone with similar gimbal. 

ThinkTank Bags - Try them free for 30 days!

In my latest video "Wedding Day Photography: An in-depth look from morning to midnight" I talk about the importance of having a good bag for all your gear and specifically mention ThinkTank as one of the best options - We know have five different ThinkTank bags in the house and they are all fantastic - construction and design is solid, they stand up to day to day use and abuse just fine.  thoughtful details from top to bottom and really, it is hard to find better bags out there.  They have just launched a sweet program - you can try out any bag from their Retrospective line for FREE for 30 days.  Decide you like it? Keep it and they charge you.I love a company that is so sure of the products they sell that they feel comfortable launching a program that would certainly cost them lots of money if everyone decided to send their bags back after 30 days.   The Retrospective line is huge from small shoulder bags to much more cavernous style bags and include the lens exchange bags that Christina and I use, we wear these bags for 8-10 hours at a time and they feel comfortable at hour two and hour 10 AND they work really well for us- simple and quick access to our gear at all times, could you ask for more?RETRO7PS_GEARSHOT-2Pick the bag you want to try for the next 30 days - free shipping till the end of this Month if you click through the link below and a free gift.  T4i shooters looking for a bag for your Camera and a spare lens?  I recommend the Retrospective 5 or 7.ThinkTank's Test Drive Program  

Costco Bundle T4i vs Amazon Bundle Canon T4i

Multiple folks have asked me about the Costco Canon t4i Bundle. For $899 they are offering. . well just check out the spreadsheet below and see that buying from Amazon saves you $130. It is important to note that this savings is mostly from the 55-250 discount that ends on 2/16Deal is still live as of 2/18. As always let me know if you have questions.    UPDATE: Added a video that shows exactly how to get the 55-250 bundle.

Panasonic Lumix G-Series - Super Sale

Today's Amazon Deal includes four models from Panasonic A quick note about Micro 4/3 cameras - think of these like Mini-DSLRS or think of them like powerful Points & Shoot cameras with interchangeable lenses.  They have sensors larger than P&S but not quite the size of an entry level DSLR and thus their image quality is excellent in day to day shoot and a bit below DSLR quality in low light performance.  This "almost as good as a DSLR" description carries over to focusing too, still shot auto focus and the shutter lag you will experience are almost as good.  Video focus is actually better in some cases.  Three models (despite four being listed, two are the same camera offered in black or red). along with my quick thoughts are listed below.  In general these prices are excellent and if you are looking for a versatile and fairly compact general travel camera I really see no need to tote around a DSLR. If shooting video will be your primary use and you want camcorder like focusing take a look at either the GH2 or the GF5 - both shoot excellent video. The Panasonic GF3 12MP with 14-42 Lens ($279)An older model but at $279 you get a versatile lens and a good touchscreen.   Additional lenses are a good bit cheaper than DSLR lenses so total dollars spent will be pretty significant too and the lens selection is excellent.  Unlike on the T4i the touchscreen on the GF3 does replace many of the physical buttons - the upside is a clean and uncluttered back and a variety of manual controls that are easily accessible via the touchscreen.  Downside is you need to use the touchscreen to change most settings.    Bottom line - if you want better performance than your P&S is providing and you are on a tight budget there really is no better option than the GF3.

 The Panasonic GH2 16MP with 14-42 Lens ($499)This is quite a different beast from the camera above and at almost twice the price you would hope it offers more and it does.  This is much more DSLR like in its styling and includes a hotshoe for flash or mic attachment as well as an articulating touchscreen.  Unlike the GF3 above the GH2 does include physical controls giving you a user interface similar to the canon T4i.  Focus is fast and this camera has really been optimized to shoot video, it does a fine job with stills too but it is important to note that lots of thought went into the video aspects of this camera making it a much better choice over the DSLRS at the same price point.

 The Panasonic GF5 12MP with 14-42 Power Zoom Lens ($529)The newest of the three cameras listed here - think of it like a blend of the previous two.  Styling is very similar to the GF3 but it shares more of the internals with the GH2 in that focus and video options are top notch.  There really isn't anything else at this size and price point that will give you the results.  The power zoom lens is smaller than the 14-42 that is paired with the two models above.  And I really can't stress enough if focus during video is important to you these cameras, especially the last two really beat the Nikon and Canon DSLRS.See all the options on the Panasonic Gold Box Deal page.Amazon is also offering deals on the SanDisk Extreme Cards - My tests found these cards to offer the best performance for the money.I am happy to answer specific questions about either of these cameras.  The prices listed above are good for today NOV 18th only