Instagram Tips // Instagram is too much F#$%ing Work!

Sometimes it feels like the time I spend posting, hashtagging, captioning is a total time suck. A few tools and tips that can help but really a conversation with you - how are you feeling about Instagram these days?

Auto Publishing

Services like can help schedule your posts to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Now at least for Instagram, they've finally enabled auto-publishing, saving you from getting the phone out just to post! Check it out at


Hashtags take forever, especially for those wanting to put out 30 for each post. uses hashtag groups to save time, but you need to change it up. Fortunately, it's hashtag suggestion feature will help a bit, but it needs to be fleshed out more. Instead just stalk your local Instagrammers to see what the popular tags are for your area and try to incorporate some when you can.

Image Tips

Your image quality matters!

  • Bright images with a strong white point draw people into the photos
  • Level your horizon, that's that little extra to make people think your photo is worth a like
  • Clear subjects have to count, get rid of distracting elements so there's a strong focus on your subject


Connect with your viewer, you need to sell yourself with a good caption for the photo.

  • The personal story behind the photo
  • How the image was captured
  • Or ask a question, just make it a good one!

Nixplay Iris Review - Show YOUR photos in my living room!?!?


I have spent a few weeks with the Nixplay Iris wifi cloud frame and discovered a cool feature that I need your help to use! watch till the end - I have thoughts on this $175-$200 digital frame with 10GB of cloud storage. I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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New Way to Upload to Instagram (and Not Get Shadow Banned)

We get asked a lot how to upload to Instagram, I even covered it a couple years back. The problem is that most of the older methods have fallen to the dreaded "Shadow Ban". If banned Instagram hides your hashtags so you don't gain followers, but stealthily so you don't notice. With that in mind, Felix Sun used a recent mobile trick to make a mini Instagram program that lets you upload via Mac or PC for free.Recently Instagram allowed mobile uploads, using the browser on your phone you can upload to Instagram without having the app installed. Using this trick you can tell your desktop's browser to pretend it's a mobile device and upload away. But it's a bit of a clumsy trick that is more advanced. Felix's program is a mini version of chrome already set to mobile, just log in the first time and upload. A dialog box will pop up to add a file then the rest is like normal.Head over to and check it out. Upload an easy way, or at least until they ban this as well. Our official and Instagram friendly uploader of choice is You can check it out in Toby's video here and it lets you schedule posts.If you were wondering how to do it in a browser anyway:In Safari

  • Enable the Develop Menu. Click Safari, Preferences, then Advanced. Check 'Show Develop menu in menu bar'.
  • Now while on Click the new Develop button in your menu, user agent, then iPad. You may have to refresh the page.

In Chrome

  • You can install User-Agent Switcher, the new button in the top right when clicked lets you tell Instagram you are a mobile device. Just remember to turn it off when you leave Instagram.
  • Without using an extension, press F12 for Developer Tools. Click the phone icon at the top left of the new panel or press Ctrl+Shift+M. The top left option to the left of dimensions lets you choose iPad, then reload the page.