Travel Adapters and Charging on the Go traveling you still need to keep everything charged and ready to go. From camera batteries to your phone there are a few items out there that will make your next trip a bit easier. 

Passport: First Fail-Safe Global Travel Adapter

  • Univeral adapter good for traveling in multiple countries
  • Includes four USB ports to charge devices
  • Built-in circuit breaker to protect devices

Zendure 26800mAh Quick Charge 3.0 Portable Charger

  • Capable of charging your devices multiple times
  • Supports quick charging to charge your devices quickly and recharging the battery itself
  • Pass-through charging to act as a hub

Zendure 10000mAH Portable Charger

  • A smaller size and cheaper version to charge devices


UPWADE 2 Outlet Travel Power Strip 

  • A long winding cord to give you room from the outlet
  • Includes two power ports and four USB ports to charge devices

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New! Signature Series Bags from Think Tank

Signature Series

Think Tank has gone modern and luxurious with their new Signature Series bags. Hand sewn, advanced fabrics blend weather protection and durability with the classic feel of fine wool. Genuine leather detailing and metal hardware add character and stand up to the rigors of daily use. In addition, the zippered flap provides full closure and security to the main compartment, or tucks away when not in use.  The Signature 10 fits a 10” tablet; the Signature 13 fits a 13” laptop.

Key Features:

  • Modern wool-like fabric that is soft to the touch and stands up to everyday use
  • Full-grain leather bottom and detailing, plus antique finished metal hardware
  • Secure clasps on front flap with one-handed operation
  • Dedicated phone pocket fits up to an iPhone 6s+ or S7 Edge
  • Wide handle pass-through for attaching to rolling luggage
  • Removable dividers for a completely collapsible bag
  • Water-resistant fabric and a seam-sealed rain cover for downpour conditions


 Signature 10

Signature Series 10

Signature 13

Signature Series 13

What Fits?
  • 1 standard size DSLR with 3–4 prime lenses and accessories
  • A complete Mirrorless camera system with 3–4 lenses and accessories
  • 10” tablet fits inside a dedicated compartment
  • 1 standard-size DSLR with mid-range zoom attached plus 2–3 additional lenses
  • 13” laptop fits inside a dedicated compartment
  • Internal Dimensions: 11.8” W x 7.8” H x 5.1” D (30 x 20 x 13 cm)
  • Exterior Dimensions: 13” W x 9.1” H x 5.9” D (33 x 23 x 15 cm)
  • 10" Tablet Pocket: 11.4” W x 7.8” H x 0.8” D (29 x 20 x 2 cm)
  • Weight: 2.8 lbs. (1.3 kg)
  • Internal Dimensions:13.3” W x 9.1” H x 5.1” D (34 x 23 x 13 cm)
  • Exterior Dimensions:14.6” W x 10.4” H x 6.3” D (37 x 26.5 x 16 cm)
  • Laptop/Tablet Pocket:13” W x 9.1” H x 1.2” D (33 x 23 x 3 cm)
  • Weight:3.1 lbs. (1.4 kg)
$249.00 $279.00


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SpiderLight Holster Now Live on Kickstarter

Spiderlight HolsterSpiderLight Backpack

Spider, known for their great camera holsters have came up with a new design just for mirrorless and small DSLRs.  The same great build as it's larger counterpart, the SpiderLight holster is a lightweight setup for a quick draw without any straps in the way. Go anywhere, from the trail - to the street - to the studio, with your hands free, and your camera ready to grab the next shot.The same professional design, just in a smaller package:

  • All-metal construction and ergonomic holster design
  • Two-position metal lock ensures security & fast draw action.
  • Securely clips to your own belt or to our SpiderLight Belt.
  • Quickly change from hip to to backpack with the SpiderLight Backpacker!
  • Connect to any tripod plate. Built-in ArcaSwiss tripod profile to boot.
  • Provides a connection for any tripod quick-release plate. Does not block Mirrorless camera battery doors!
  • Adjustable for thinner or thicker camera bodies/grip configurations.
  • Optional tether/quick connection for Sling Straps.

With today's Kickstarter you can also get the SpiderLight Backpack adapter giving you the option for a mounting point directly on your backpack strap. Designed to be universal the SpiderLight Backpack lets you use the Spider holster system on virtually any bag. As a bonus it's GoPro adapter gives you the ability to swap your mirrorless camera for the full range of GoPro Accessories and cameras.

Pledge $80 for the SpiderLight Box Set or you can get the SpiderLight Backpack Early Bird Pledge for $115. Now live on Kickstarter at:

Spiderlight Holster

Godox V860II-S Review and Specifications this a good, and much more affordable option, than the Sony flashes for your Sony camera? Check out Scott's review in the video above and the technical specs below!Godox have released an impressive speedlight for Sony Cameras with the V860II-S. Featuring TTL and Godox 2.4GHz X radio it's a great option that can communicate with a variety of products as master or slave. Using the additional X-T1 flash trigger (linked below) you have access to 2.4GHz wireless to fire the V860II-S wherever needed, even through walls.Versus traditional AA batteries you find in most speedlights the V860II-S uses Lithium-ion batteries for a 1.5 second recycle time for use up to 650 flashes. Despite it's lower price versus Sony it's a fully featured speedlight with functions including manual flash, 1/8000 high speed sync, flash exposure compensation, flash exposure lock, second curtain sync, modeling flash, and more. The Godox has great build quality, good features, works smoothly, and can save a few quid versus the more expensive Sony branded flash making it an easy buy. godox_v860ii_1b56061wyxs8-h3l-_sl1000_products_camera_flash_v860ii_08

Available now! Pickup the V860II-S or plan ahead and get a remote trigger package on a discount.



V860II-S Packaged with an X1T Transmitter, Eachshot color filter, and Eachshot softbox. 712mj-y58fl-_sl1000_



Case Remote - Wifi Remote Control for your DSLR Back the CASE Remote AIR on indieGOGOThis is the Case Remote AIR - this tiny device allows you to remotely control your camera, download photos, including RAW files and adds several really sweet features to your otherwise dumb camera - now some of you might wonder why we need this when most current Nikon and Canon cameras  provide some sort of wifi control via an app - and my answer - have you actually used those apps? They are so barebones it is frustrating AND the case remote works with older Canon and NIkon cameras that don’t offer wifi control and even allow you to start and stop video remotely. 8338The Case Remote creates its own WIFI hotspot so you can use this anywhere, you don’t a data connection, you connect directly to the device.   The connection info is printed on the device and apps are provided for Android and iOS with desktop Mac and Windows software in development You connect the device to the camera, you can position it in the hotshoe or attach it with the strap connection if you need to put a flash in the hot shoe, it really is very light.IMG_8370 Turn it on, Turn the camera on and then connect to the wifi, launch the app.  And you should see the camera listed.  Click to launch the controls where you can then turn live view on or OFF, touch to focus and bring up the camera settings - adjusting them on the fly.IMG_9857if you have wanted GOOD wifi control of your camera with smart features - there is nothing else that provides this level of value. I’d love to see a few features added, like bramping but overall I appreciate the wifi control of older cameras and the ability to transfer RAW files from newer cameras. Back the CASE Remote AIR on indieGOGO

RAVPower RP-WD01 WiFi Disk Review with Video

RAVPower WiFi DiskI love technology that makes me feel like I am living in the future and the future is now.  The RAVPower RP-WD01 WiFi Disk or the [5-in-1] RAVPower® Wireless SD Card Reader,USB External HDD / SDD / USB Flash Disk Reader,3000mAh External Battery Pack & NAS File Server & Wi-Fi Hot Spot Wireless Media Streaming FileHub RP-WD01 as Amazon calls it is one such device. The Amazon name does a pretty good job of telling you what this device is all about but let's break it down in a few simple bullets.

  • SD Card Reader & Wireless SD Card Reader (supports SD card sizes up to 128GB)
  • Powered by a 3000mAh battery for hours of streaming or use it as a battery backup for your phone or tablet
  • File server - Files on the SD Card are accessible via wireless (up to 5 simultaneous connections). Device also supports USB drives and thumb drives
  • Wireless Bridge - Device connects to your internet so you can stay online AND access the files on the device  - Again up to 5 devices can be connected.

RavReview2My Photographer side appreciates another option for getting files from your camera to your smartphone or tablet, especially on the go.  Pop the SD card out of your camera- or if you use Compact flash you can attach a CF reader to the USB port on the device and connect your smartphone or tablet and browse the files on the card.  Copy a few files or all of the files.  You could also insert a thumb drive or small USB drive and make a backup by copying the files over to the thumb drive - all without a computer and running on the battery power of the device.    And if you wanted to be boring you could plug the WiFi disk in with the included micro USB cable - same cable that charges it - and use as a standard, wired SD card reader. RavPower provides free apps for Android and iOS to connect, browse and interact with the files. The apps are simple and easy to use.   On a computer you access the device through your browser - it is a little clunky here but gets the job done. And that is similar to the manual - it is better than I expected but could certainly have some more polish.[gallery columns="2" ids="3864,3865"]So far I have used the device to pull off multiple images, RAW and Jpeg.  I have streamed compressed video which worked very smoothly, no hiccups at all. Streaming a high quality HD video was another story. The wireless speed just wasn't fast enough to keep up with the file and it stopped and buffered at several points.    I have seen reviews of similar devices made by the big names and they have the same issues with the higher quality content.  You can also send files from your tablet or smartphone to the device.An Aside - Working with RAW files on the go. iOS users you have the excellent PhotoRaw app. Android users try Photo Mate or Raw Vision 

Full Video Review of the RAVPower RP-WD01 WiFi Disk

Buy the RAVPower RP-WD01 WiFi Disk or the [5-in-1] RAVPower® Wireless SD Card Reader,USB External HDD / SDD / USB Flash Disk Reader,3000mAh External Battery Pack & NAS File Server & Wi-Fi Hot Spot Wireless Media Streaming FileHub RP-WD01 from Amazon.