Vietnam Photography Adventures - Part Three!

We left Vietnam and head for Cambodia and Siam Reap- amazing floating villages of Tonlé Sap and explorations of Angkor Wat and all the surrounding temples like Ta Prohm!Watch the SeriesVietnam Photography Adventures Part 2Vietnam Photography Adventures Part 1

Vietnam Photography Adventures - Part Two!

Leaving the amazing Halong bay behind we venture south through the city of lanterns, Hoi An, the city of Hue and of course Saigon/Ho Chi Minh City and exploring the Mekong Delta - Snakes on me, Snakes in a bottle and so much more.Watch the SeriesVietnam Photography Adventures Part 3 Vietnam Photography Adventures Part 1

Would you? On our #mckaylive travels up the Mekong river, we came across Bebe, 7 year old, 50lb boa. I think he liked me! Traveling with the McKay crew is as much about fun experiences as it is about the photos.

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Vietnam Photography Adventures - Part One!

Dark alleyways of Hanoi, remote mountain villages outside Sa Pa, and the awesome Halong Bay are some of our destinations in part 1 of our Vietnam Adventures!

Watch the SeriesVietnam Photography Adventures Part 2Vietnam Photography Adventures Part 3 

Grand Teton National Park Photography Adventure just spent a fantastic week photographing with Animals of Montana and the beautiful landscapes of Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park - Scenery, wildlife and photo tips all packed into this trip report from some of the most beautiful landscapes of North America!Cover Photo from Ryan B - http://www.ryanbarnesfoto.comThank you very much to those trip participants that shared photos with me - You can see more of their work atAdi V - L - T - B - http://www.ryanbarnesfoto.comKate M - N - me on Instagram Filmed withPanasonic GH5Sony A7RII Thank you to the sponsors that made the trip and prize package so awesome!!Round-trip airfare from anywhere in the USA and Accommodations on the trip provided by McKaylive.comMindshift Gear 36L UltraLight BackpackSpider Holster Kit & Spider Holster Hand StrapMeFOTO GlobeTrotter Air Travel Tripod$300 Gear Credit to LensProToGo$500 Gift Card to B&H PhotoOne year subscription to Silver plan membership

Panasonic G85 Review vs Canon 80D Sony a6300/a6500

A feature packed micro 4/3 camera capable of shooting 4K video with in body stabilization, costing less than $1000 WITH lens - when I reviewed the Olympus omD EM1 Mark II many of you suggested this G85 as a more affordable option - I have now spent a month with the G85 and I am ready to share my thoughts Review: The G85 is a fantastic camera for stills and video, especially video.  In this price range nothing else provides a stabilized sensor and beautiful 4k output like the G85 does.  It is user-friendly and packed full of useful features.  I am disappointed in the automatic focus tracking - it is slow and easily gets confused- all other focus modes work well. 

G85 Pro
  • Beautiful 4K video
  • Small and lightweight camera
  • Stabilized sensor
  • Micro 4/3 - huge lens selection and many lenses are also small and lightweight
  • Feature packed - 4K photo mode, 4k timelapse in camera
G85 Con
  • Micro 4/3 suffers some in low light
  • Face tracking AF in video mode is slow and easily gets confused

g85Buy the Panasonic G85 ($997)Best Vlog Setup  - G85 with Video Micro Pro($59)

G85 compared to Sony a6500/a6300

The Sony a6500/a6300 cameras beat the G85 in nearly all respects - better image quality, better video quality(in low light) and a faster and more capable stills camera BUT the G85 wins on usability with a fully articulated and actually useful touchscreen  - the G85 is a joy to shoot video, especially vlog or selfie style video and costs significantly less than the a6500 and slightly less than the a6300 which does not offer a touchscreen or stabilized sensor.

G85 Compared to Canon 80D

The Canon 80D provides an excellent hybrid camera- excellent for photography and video unless you need 4k.  The 80D also does not offer a stabilized sensor and is a larger and more expensive camera BUT if you wanted to rely on AF tracking and face tracking the 80D does a much better job.80dBuy the Canon 80D($1249)

Full G85 Review

The Panasonic G85 has a 16mp micro 4/3rds sensor with in body image stabilization and when paired with many Panasonic lenses offers dual IS providing very smooth video and decent handheld stills at slower shutter speeds but not at the amazing level of the Olympus OMD EM1 Mark II that I could handhold for at least a few seconds.Two control dials provide easy manual control, a fully articulating touchscreen and as I said shoots beautiful 4K video along with a bunch of additional features packed in like 4K photo, 4K time-lapse in camera, 4k live cropping, post focus - remember the Lytro? Panasonic now includes the ability to take shots at different focus points and later choose the desired focus point OR merge them all to create a larger depth of field - focus stacking in the camera. This isn’t going to work for all types of photography but this camera is feature rich and there are more options, some of which feel a bit gimmicky or like something you might use once. BUT You also have Panasonic’s excellent wifi control and the ability to continue to shoot at 4K even when using wifi - YES! I complained about Fuji and Olympus and I so happy Panasonic continues to provide one of the best wifi apps.

Panasonic G85 vs the Canon 80D

Canon 80D vs Panasonic G85I want to at least briefly match this up against the canon 80D priced similarly. I think the 80D is for many people a default choice when they want a video capable camera especially a high quality vlogging setup - the flip out touch screen, the lovely dual pixel AF that makes focus smooth and capable of accurate tracking. The 80D is also a very solid still camera. Let’s look at how these two compareSensor - The 80D offers a larger aps-c sensor with 24mp vs the micro 4/3rds 16MP on the G85 and this of course translates to a fairly noticeable resolution difference but not as much of a low light noise difference as you might expect. And the G85 is helped by the absence of an AA filter - providing nicely detailed images. I will give the win to the 80D but it is very close. For stills I found AF to be very similar between both - the G85 in Af-s is fast though I would rather the 80D in my hands for any more serious wildlife photos, especially tracking action or birds in flight.

In terms of video -

The G85 offers 4k at 24 or 30p and in my opinion it is beautiful detailed and the Cine V profile looks great right out of camera. I love having the flexibility of shooting 4K on cameras like the g85 - either for producing 4K content or just having options when editing. I have 4K footage from africa that blows me away! And I can either publish out at 4k or crop in for even more detail! (brief africa footage)The 80D tops out at 1080 60fps and generally doesn’t look as sharp to me - but that dual pixel Af in the 80D is smoother and more capable at tracking though in multiple tests there were a few times it failed while the G85 continued to accurately track. But generally once the 80D locks onto a subject it rarely lets go - accurately keeping focus and with the G85 and I have seen this in my GH4 too - can get confused and hunt when it really shouldn’t. My solution is to turn AF off when I don’t need it and again the app let’s you easily force AF anytime, even when the camera is set to manual focus.I also appreciate The additional features like 4K time lapse and 4k live cropping as neat options for upping the usefulness of this camera as a tool to create cool content easily and in camera. And the fact that you have a stabilized sensor gives you the option to shoot with a little prime lens keeping your carry around small and lightweight or add a stabilized lens and the dual IS system kicks in providing very smooth video - I can leave the gimbal home for some situations!The 80D is and remains a safe choice for easy all around video and stills camera but the G85, smaller, lighter and cheaper offers some serious advantages for those interested in video, especially 4k or those wanting to keep their gear load smaller.g85Buy the Panasonic G85 ($997)Best Vlog Setup  - G85 with Video Micro Pro($59)

Photographing Washington DC - Cherry Blossoms, Sunrise Monuments - Tips, Tricks and Adventure!

I spent a weekend with McKay Photography Academy in Washington DC - Photographing the monuments and memorials at sunrise, sunset, the Cherry Blossom festival and all the cherry blossom trees around the tidal basin and Jefferson Memorials. Watch for tips on photographing sunrise, sunset and the monuments plus all our adventures! TWO MORE DAYS TO ENTER TO WIN A TRIPJoin me on a future trip - Yosemite NP, Glacier NP, the Arctic - learn more at

Cuba Photography Vlog #5 final cuba photography vlog, we spend time exploring Trinidad Cuba waking up to a beautiful morning in our Casa Particular before heading out for a photowalk on the streets of Trinidad, Visting a sugar plantation in the los ingenios valley climb the tower at Manaca Iznaga and back to Havana to watch the ProDanza School of Ballet in Cuba rehearse and then back to Miami Florida.Travel with us and meet me- more info and Follow me at:

Cuba Photography Vlog #4 - Cienfuegos & Trinidad wake up in Cienfuegos and watch the town come awake before heading to Trinidad, Cuba where we stay in a Casa particular - Trinidad is a beautiful town with over 500 years of history.  I walk you through a shot and share our poor spanish communication with our host.  Watch More Photography Travel VlogsFollow me on Instagram to See my favorite Cuba PhotosSubscribe on Youtube to be notified of future travel videos

Hack your Camera with an Axe?

Youtuber Casey Neistat uses a Canon 70D(among other cameras) to record his popular daily vlogs - They regularly reach several hundred thousand views each day. On a recent blog he got the error "Movie recording has stopped automatically" with his 70D And according to Casey- he get's this often even though he uses a fast card.  His method of dealing with the error is. . well you can guess from the title and you can watch the video below. I have it queued up for you to start right before the camera violence. have shot with lots of Canon cameras and have a 70D, and we have two 5D Mark III that we regularly use (see what's in our bag) and the ONLY time I get that error is when I am using a card that is slow or bad.  Before smashing a camera I would highly recommend trying a different card. He shows the card he uses, they are actually on sale today at Amazon, and even though it states it is a fast card and I have never had an issue with Transcend cards - they can and will go bad or even arrive bad.   Also he smashes the lens too which clearly is not part of the problem - it's his gear, he can do what he want but it certainly feels wasteful.    

Montana Vlog #4 Really, Really, Really Amazing

[embed][/embed]We're back in our Vermont studio for this last video blog where we discuss our final thoughts about our trip to Montana with McKay Photography Academy.Toby and Christina talk about the favorite shots they captured, working with Animals of Montana and photographing Yellowstone in the winter.