Photo Mish Mash 65: Thoughts on Canon 5Ds, Sony a7R II Ship date and more thoughts on the Canon 5DS 50MP Beast, When will the Sony a7R II actually ship? What am I taking to Iceland and ask your photo questions.


McKay Photo Academy - Join us in New Zealand SquareSpace - Make/share a Squarespace photo portfolio and win a Mefoto Tripod - Watch the show for more details.  Make your portfolio here  | Submit Portfolios here (coming soon) - getting bigger and bigger!

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News:Shipping Date of the Sony A7 R II :( - August 5th.  I leave for Iceland August 5th- it is going to be close. . .Casey Neistat looking for a new camera. - I think he should try the GH4. 'Horrified' After Studio Photoshops Daughter's Birthmark - Recovers $15K in Stolen Gear Thanks to EXIF Copyright Info - Steal Gear from Fellow Photographers at Pan Am Games, The Association Trying to Protect Copyright, Stole Photos Puts Films on the Chopping Block Photo Academy - Join us in New Zealand  -Thief steals photojournalists hard drive. Why was he not using Cloud solutions?Select D700, 800/e and 7100 users are being contacted by Nikon for free servicing from SPACE - the imaging system on the New Horizon spacecraft -  

Photo Mish Mash EP 64 - Yosemite Adventure - Join us in New Zealand

WIN a Winter Photography Tour in Yosemite

Show Notes:D5500 Vs Canon T6sSample Images from Laowa 15mm MacroAdapting Lenses to Mirrorless camerasNEWS:Olympus Air Cameras GoPro Hero 4 Session Nikon Lenses Instagram has started storing photos at a higher resolution Day reminder - Shop my AmazonCanon 430EX III-RT Actually covered in the mish mash last week but as we know not everyone read it this might be good to say again. Dehaze works for 6.1 ONLY, older lightroom doesn’t have the code.Dehaze Feature on Underwater Photos Just a murky underwater photo that had dehaze applied and it actually worked.This Once-in-a-Lifetime Rhino Photo Was Shot After 7 Hours of Waiting Washington Newspaper "Solve's" Concert Problem by Buying Photos from FansSo now the photographers that started this wave are getting cut out of the process completely. One site actually made a rather long response to this (link).Remember the rights issues in Europe? Portland Photographer Sues City After They Accuse Him of Trademark ViolationHow would you like to get pulled around on a leash while shooting. Hillary Clinton Uses Rope to Keep Photographers in Check at ParadeTouch Controls for Adobe Software Including Lightroom and PhotoshopSubmarine for your gopro

Photo Mish Mash Ep 63: Nothing Bohken, Nothing Gained Notes:Sponsors:Squarespace to save 10% off your purchaseSupporters like you Access our lightroom videos and get answers to your questions, learn more at - my work - shop B&H Photo VideoNews:Yongnuo 600RT Performance was identical to our Canon 600RTScott Kelby feels out of touch re: his comments on the Grid about mirrorless cameras and the features he wants. the LensProToGo robbery last week updates can be found here, unfortunately no luck yet. They are back to a somewhat normal routine finally albeit with a reduced stock. As a nice touch a photography group sent in pizza and someone else sent in beer to the office.This is their Facebook page as well if you want to like the page to get updates. Threatened After Photo Shoot on Train Tracks13 Things You Should Know About Being Married to a Wedding PhotographerA PHOTOGRAPHER’S OPEN LETTER TO TAYLOR SWIFT REGARDING HER STAND AGAINST APPLE

 PHOTOGRAPHIC FREEDOM UNDER SIEGE IN EUROPE? | HOW TO HELP & WHY YOU SHOULDTHE D5 COULD BE THE FIRST CAMERA WITH ISO OVER ONE MILLION AND THE FIRST NIKON DSLR WITH 4K VIDEO states that their new 24-70 f2.8 will hold up to the new 50mp sensors Pre-orders for $999 15mm f4 1:1 macroFly makes it inside Lens Rental’s EF 24-105 Contest - Winner TextureToby’s winner - Mentions -’s Winner - Mentions - TWO WEEKs DUE JULY 8th!#PRTV_FIREHelpful links - Macro sparks :)

Photo Mish Mash EP 62: Shattered, the all-in-one platform that makes it fast and easy to create your own professional website, portfolio, and online store. Visit to save 10% off your first purchaseViewers like you. Support this show and gain access to our Lightroom videos, support group and more. Visit to learn more. Show Notes: Instagram Winners - for week 6 LinesNext Week's Instagram Challenge TEXTURE  - learn morePreorders for Sony a7R II are now live - Amazon | B&H Photo VideoGlorious Night Sky Captured With Nikon's New Astrophotography DSLRLENSPROTOGO VICTIM OF THEFT – $500K IN GEAR STOLENEvolution of Photography.Counterfeit Memory Card Sellers Are Sometimes the Ones Getting ScammedLeica Q Q vs. RX 1 comparision for fullframe “point and shoot” Lusso/looking to pay extra (a lot extra) for an A7r (original) and Photoshop CC updateLightroom 6 update will process Fuji raw files better latest in Kickstarter quadcopters a Tank Quadcopter Riding an Alligator SONY CAMERAS!adapted lenses almost as fast on A7rII artisan says that 20 lenses will be available for FE mount by early 2016 (currently 13) & 500K shutter life for A7rII working on uncompressed RAW (says deliverable through firmware update), and talks about why 42mp have the 300RS in for review and I am impressed 

Photo Mish Mash ep 61: Sony Takes it to 11! Sponsors:YOU! Patreon Supporters - visit Learn how you can support this show and in turn get access to our library of Lightroom videos, support group, fast access to me and monthly critiques.Or Buy our Lightroom videos for just $24.99Instagram Contest  Winner MONOCHROMATICToby’s winner - Mentions -’s Winner - Mentions - all of the Monochromatic images and like and comment on your favorite.  #PRTV_mc

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TWO WORLDWIDE GIVEAWAYS HAPPENINGCanon 50mm f/1.8 STM LensMIOPS High Speed TriggerNews:NEW SONY CAMERAS! RM3 - Flash for your Smartphone? - DJI Matrice 100 Drone, open software platform for developers - Fresco News App turns to crowdsourcing for photos - Blacks Photography To Close All 59 Stores’s OS X El Capitan to Improve Adobe CC Performance supports 8K video to put a hold on development on the Touit line of autofocus lenses for APSC E-mount and X-mount cameras virtual reality- 600 vintage cameras for $34,900 about a $350,000 Leica camera rifle?  

Reader Questions:

Brecht Geeraerts Maybe a quick question for tonight's show: with the recent release of the 5D S (R) and the rumours of a 5D mark iv (announced maybe Q4 2015) would you still recommend getting a mark iii at this point in time for the enthusiast canon shooter? kdo888Q: I have a 430exii & want a Yongnuo 600ex-rt to use  off camera. Which trigger do I need? Can I fire 430 off-camera w/o an external trigger but not have the in-camera flash go off? a speedlite newbieCraig LanceWell, I just wanted to correct something I said in a previous show regarding lightning photography. I was using Magic Lantern and said I triggered the shutter using sound.  It was Motion Detection.Craig LanceYes, how can you MAKE lightning happen?Roger M HuntI read today in Amateur Photography that it's 'normal' to shoot with the mirror locked up with a telephoto lens so as to avoid vibration from the mechanism . . . . so what's the score?Craig LanceI do have a closing question: Best way to photography police.James YahnCan I just come and help out with your photoshoots as an intern to support you both?Roger M HuntWe need a Patreon badge . . . or better still . . . where's the mugs?Duarte Gaivãohave any thoughts on the new canon 50mm 1.8?? getting my first bokehlicious prime for my 700d aps-cNiju GeorgeCould you please explain the canon 70-200 field of depth, when it's in 70 or in 200 focal lengthsFocal Length Tool - Holmanyour thoughts on me purchasing the canon ef 24-70mm for my t5i? I'm an noobAzimuddin Mohammedyou should do comparision video between sony 7rii and cannon 5DS

Photo Mish Mash ep 60 - Ankle Deep in Dark Water SALE - Lightroom Complete Beginners Guide $19.99 use code prlive60 to save.Episode 60- Ankle Deep in Dark Water Show NotesRollover image below for the answer "What was I doing ankle deep in dark water at 10:30pm?"[himage]ankledeep1ankledeep2[/himage]Instagram Contest - Winner  Week 3 (Entropy) here to see the winners- Next week MONOCHROMATIC #PRTV_MCIn case you missed itShould You Buy a DSLR with Kit Lens?  Google Photos - Quick TourWhat is coming UP! Miops Review and how toThis picture by News: extends mail-in-rebates through July 4th 6D Rumors - 2016 early, smaller, lighter but more powerful /upmarketGoPro HERO+ LCDIncredible timelapse of One World Trade Center being built over 11 years of mirrorless. $60,000 broadcast lens on a GH4 are complicated: location 16,000 photos made - These companies with your photos? CC additional features are coming. RAW Doctor - Fixing Lightning! Reader Questions - 

Photo Mish Mash EP 59: Guess Which Camera?! Live? Join us on Youtube to Chat and ask questions.Sponsors:McKay Photography Academy - Join them in TanzaniaYOU! Patreon Supporters help make this show possible. Learn how you can support and get access to our library of Lightroom videos and get the answers to your photography questions.Photo Mish Mash Ep #  59   Date: 05/27/15 Week in review AKA in case you missed it-

  • Canon 50mm STM review - Read More
  • Weekly Instagram Contest
    • Week #3 - Minimalism (Winner & Honorable Mentions)
    • Week #4 - Entropy, use tag #PRTV_entropy
  • LG G4 Camera Hands-on - Watch

Remind people they can upload photos from their PC for the instagram contest the McKay's in Tanzania 

News:$5000 for one Instagram photo? - Richard Prince Sells Other Peoples Instagram Photos Forces Student to Remove Photos Hack: Using powder and a book as a camera dolly aperture blades to do with that old nifty fifty? Supporters help make this show possible. Learn how you can support and get access to our library of Lightroom videos and get the answers to your photography questions.


Travel Cameras OngoingGuess which camera?!?!?sky Flowerschocolatelens_smaller

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Photo Mish Mash EP 58: The Future of Photography

The future of photography debated, new mirrorless cams challenge DSLRs and more 4K options under $1000, a careless fan causes gruesome crash & your questions answered.

20% off small prints (anything under 16x20)
Use code: pxrbt20 Good through 05/31

McKay Photography Academy - Join them in Tanzania in 2016 for the trip of a lifetime SHOW NOTES: Week in review AKA in case you missed it-Instagram Contest Winner #3 Minimalism - #PRTV_minimalFollow Toby on Instagram: Christina on Instagram: Upload photos from their PC for the instagram contest’s Layout App now available for AndroidFuji X-T10 Gx7 - review updates - Image quality, video qualityNews: deal at Costco vs B&H $1,198.00’s DSLR Lens Causes Terrible Crash at Italy’s Top Bike Race (warning some photos are a bit graphic) yes to a company and lose rights to your photo. Happened to Roy but he did get $50 in spices. IV are being tested by photographers II firmware issue specifically for astrophotography for ~ $3800 Go Buy at B&H’s lens lineup photo shows new lenses including 35mm f/2 WR (silver or black), 120mm f/2.8 OIS WR (Probable macro lens), and 100mm-400mm OIS w/undisclosed aperture (expected availability June 18th) & 90mm WR lens announced plus version 4 of firmware for the X-T1 Pinhole Camera to stealing/copying imagesThe future of Photography

Photo Mish Mash EP 57: Weekly Photography Live Show Show Notes:Save 20% on prints (smaller than 16 x 20) from AdoramaPix use code: PXRBT20Bucket List Item - Photography in Tanzania with McKay Photography AcademyWant answers to your questions? Patreon supporters get fast access to Toby Instagram Contest - Winner of the unique flower photo challenge was Angela! Congrats Angela - Click through here to see the honorable mentions B&H now shipping to CanadaCanon 50mm f/1.8 STM lens - Why buy the 50mm f/1.4?  Gareth, Hopes and fears re 50mm STM lens?Canon T6I/T6S Sensor fleck issue  UPDATE Questions: the Canon f1.8 50mm which you will be reviewing . . . will it act as a decent macro on a crop sensor camera? 

  • T&C - have you seen Daisy, the throw and shoot camera? what do you think? looks fun but I don't think it detects obstructions.

 trevorpinnockyhow many MP can you fit on the head of a pin?auntie vanA7II or canon 6d?Thu LeQ - What is a big difference between the 6D and the 5D MIII? Is it worth it to get the 5D over the 6D?will PhilipIs the macbook pro worth it for an amateur photographer? I am on the fence over that or an asus.Mark KConsidering magic lantern for 70d. Any reason not to? Have you used it for video much?Gudmundur GIf I am going for image quality and shallow dof. Will I get better result with FF Canon 6D and f/4 lenses than crop Canon 70D and f/2.8 lenses?Jacob Ehrenzeller70d vs 760d which one would you recommend ?aubreyjk97Are the new Zeiss lenses for the Sony FE system worth the money (25mm, 35mm and 85mm)?buddybonus10What's is yours and Christina's favourite feature of Any Camera??Roger M HuntIs there any way you could facilitate a means by whiich people in the chat room can swap their flickr and 500px account names . . . it's just difficult to write everything down during live show?poketfullwill you be doing a photoshop cc series of educational videos?s00 cl0sei AM A NIKON D5300 GUY ,  any starting lenses for wildlife photography?David Huangdo you have any tips on calibrating screens? e.g. Spyderpro Datacolor?kdo888Christina - how did you get used to the weight of the 70-200 2.8?aubreyjk97do you know of any professional wedding photographers who shoot with mirrorless cameras?

Podcast Special: Canon T6s Review (Audio)

I am hard at working finishing up my review of the Canon T6s and sharing thoughts on how it compares to the earlier rebels, Canon T3i,  T4i/T5i, the higher end 70D, Nikons D5300/D5500 and mirrorless cameras like the Sony a6000.  My full video review will be out this week. Subscribe to my podcast feed and you can hear the audio of the review now.   

Photo Mish Mash EP 56: Hands-on with T6s, Instagram Challenge and Imitation

Sponsors: Adoramapix  Save 50% on first 10 pages Use code: pxtoby1050 Ends 05/12 Make a bookJoin McKay Photography Academy in Tanzania.  Read David's field report on the Tamron 150-600Show Notes:  Week in review AKA in case you missed it- Giveaway!! Series Month of May jut $24.99- News:DPReview article on that source of noise: T6s Thoughts - Why is it bigger? How does it compare with 70D?New 50mm f/1.8 STM lens coming- FACT: Mail in rebates now available on select lenses - T6I/T6S Sensor fleck issue (viewable when using small apertures) and photography - Petapixel - using a Star Wars themed photo shoot to help get shelter animals adopted Discussion Inspiration or Plagiarism? Reader Questions

Weekly Mish Mash EP: 55 - Cheesy Title Discussing the week's photo news, star trails, wide angle lenses, scary trains and answering your questions. Join us LIVEAdoramapix -Adoramapix just passed me an exclusive deal for 10x10 photobooks - save 50% on first 10 pages Use code: pxtoby1050 Ends 05/12YOU! PATREON SUPPORTERS - Photography AcademyReader Question of the week: Best Day of the Week? in review AKA in case you missed it-Giveaway!! Episode Lightroom Series out today - retouching portraits a moment and hit the THUMBS UP BUTTONSponsor Message: YOU! PATREON SUPPORTERS - is my T6s news story from Peta Pixel continuing the theme of animal photographers - Dog shoots marriage proposal for her owners Man of Steel movie brought to color, the wrong sparkers almost cost a photographer his career, Always carry on your camera gear$180,000 LENS!! just passed me an exclusive deal for 10x10 photobooks - save 50% on first 10 pages Use code: pxtoby1050 Ends 05/12Metal Prints too - pxprec25 ends may 04Discussion:Unfinished Thoughts: Travel CameraWifi, Articulating screen, SMALL!!! Lenses small!!!IS is useful for moving subjects!

Photo Mish Mash Ep 54:

Discussing the new Lightroom 6/Lightroom CC, Weekly photo news, is it stealing? Answering your reader questions. and Sliding into spring GiveawayShow Notes:Sponsors:AdoramaPixAdoramapix - In this digital world, make some beautiful prints -  Save 25% on Metal prints with Coupon code: pxprec25YOU! PATREON SUPPORTERSReader Question of the week: Best Day of the Week for Live Show?Week in review AKA in case you missed it-Giveaway!! 08 from Lightroom Series - free to anyone that purchased past episodes - book makingRaw Doctor - Ep 2 -Saturate your rainbows - CC Hands-on - Photo Stories -

Photo Mish Mash Ep53: Octopus Selfie

  Show Notes:Reader Question of the week: Best Day of the Week? in review AKA in case you missed it-Sponsor Message: YOU! PATREON SUPPORTERS - Photography Academy: Lantern April Fools Prank - Blue screen of death inserted by one of the developers. a moment and hit the THUMBS UP BUTTONScott-(If camera deals look too good to be true be warned, plug link for B&H) this octopus a better photographer than you? opposite of Traveling Light - ? - McKay Photography Trip - Greece and New Zealand - Join US.Discussion:David HuangWhen you are shooting portraits how do you decide whether to shoot in portrait or landscape orientation? Are there reasons why I would choose one versus the other? I feel like portrait orientation makes it easier to get more of the person's body while landscape is more for head shots but I'm sure it's much more complicated than that..Scott - one tip for environmental portraits is look for strong horizontal or vertical lines in the scene and match your frame with what is provided in front of your cameraEFL-Craig LanceI was wondering for an up-coming Mish Mash episode if you could talk about ETTR (Expose To The Right)? I was blown away about how a camera's sensor has such a high dynamic range on the right (light) side of the histogram as opposed to the left (dark). If you intentionally overexpose a shot in-camera, then compensate by correcting the exposure in Lr, you'll get an image with better dynamic range.While there are other ways to go about it there is actually a nice DIY you can do.Go to a flower shop and buy a couple of the brightest red cut flowers available. I.E. rose, dahlia, zinna, carnation, amaryllis, etc. Since your using ETTR and red is the most energetic spectrum its a lso the first to get blown out in the histogram. With the camera on a tripod try to fill the frame with the flower the best you can in normal indoor light. Take a photo at normal exposure then go to review and look at the colors in the histogram. At this point keep your aperture and ISO the same, lower the shutter speed to raise the exposure slightly and try again. Repeat until you get the highlight warning in the review screen, the blinkies. Now take the photos to lightroom and expose them correctly. For flowers with more curves such as a rose and dahlia you'll see a lot more shadow detail on the ETTR shots vs the center metered photos. In terms of the demonstration taking the bracket you should be able to flip through the photos and see very slight differences as you get closer to the right.Link to red flowerReader Questions:BikeBerrycomopinion on GH4? I just sold my t5i stuff for a gh4kdo888Want to print more. What aspect ratio and size (max) are ideal for images captured with a 70d while maintaining best IQ. I've seen frames sized for digital prints. What's that?CameraplexToby, Christina, what cloud backup do you guys use? Missed this if you've answered before…More info: http://photorec.tvWant answers to your questions? Patreon supporters get fast access to Toby from (a free way to support my work)Amazon: Provided by http://beatsuite.comMore Recommendations:

Photo Mish Mash Episode 52: Kit Lenses

We chat about the week's photo new - 1,000 fps from a drone? Should you avoid the Kit Lens? Who will buy the XC10 4K camera from Canon and more.Lightroom Coming April 21st? //Who knows! Been burned on multiple release dates.Adobe Premier Pro - Lightroom like color correcting is coming soon.Update to Snapseed- non destructive editing!Cheating your way to more followers on Instagram? We discuss engagement vs pure numbersChristina say's you will be better off smearing vaseline on your lens! Lens Baby Velvet 56mmVenus Optics 2x Macro lens, Macro Flash and new product coming soon.2:1 inexpensive macro lens’s new 4K capable XC10 Camera Who will buy a $2500 1" sensor camera?Nikon J series update - 4k with a catch:,000 fps from a droneThe Photography behind the animated watch faces on the Apple WatchScott’s Fun Note: Pasta aperture ringMcKay Photography Academy -Join us in Greece Trip - out Adam's Recent images from TanzaniaDiscussion:Sony a7 Mark II ThoughtsKit Lenses (focal length data from my recent vacation/family travels)Scott’s input on Kit Lenses: Great option for identifying focal lengths that you shoot at and convenient range for a walk around lens (do I want to by a 24, 35, or 50mm prime). The Fuji 18-55mm f/2.8-4 was a contributing factor for me purchasing the Fuji X-E2 over competitors. Cons - variable aperture, sometimes inferior build quality, but getting better (Canon STM & Fuji)Wide Angle Lenses and Samples from the Tamron 15-30 f/2.8Music Provided by Current Deals:

Photo Mish Mash Ep 51 - Velveeta in your Camera

Sharing the week's photo news and answering your questions! Feel free to leave your question as a comment below if you can't join us Live.Show Notes:Question of the week:LAST WEEK:  for the next year you can ONLY shoot at two focal lengths - what would you choose? Pur Average: 31mm and 181mmMedian: 35mm and 100mmFocal Length ResponseFocal Length Data Week in review AKA in case you missed it-NX1 Review- Fantastic Camera, the ecosystem is limiting and the camera is pricey! REVIEWUPLIFT DESK 900 Review and BTS of workspaceLightroom 6 was released and we did a complete tour of the new features - HAHAH KIDDING!Thank you Patreon Supporters Celebrates 12th Straight Year of No.1 Share of Global ILC Market -Here ISN’t the 4K Camera we have all been waiting for from CanonNY Times Article: Kodak’s FuturePolice Departments Open Up 'Safe Lots' For Craigslist TransactionsThe passing of Paul C BuffCAMERAS Hasselblads IN SPACE Amazon's Unlimited Everything Plan Makes Cloud Storage Super CheapVideo: 2600 miles of Hiker SelfieTry out Squarespace - Watch my video on frictionless blogging!Example of a beautiful Squarespace site: Film, Waiting a Year to DevelopHow weather sealed is a weather sealed camera?Reader Questions:Mary’s Macro Extension Question - how do you calculate 1:1 with lens and extension tube? - Use the calculator at idea when the replacement for the A6000 is due? Soon! 

Photo Mish Mash 50 - Long Exposure Cockroaches


Show Notes - Ep 50 Recorded March 20th 2015 (Happy Spring)


Question of the week: for the next year you can ONLY shoot at two focal lengths - what would you choose? Week in review AKA in case you missed it-Correction from prior week:Lightroom should be fine on 4GB of ram so even finer on 8GB. Technically with 8GB you can run lightroom and tell it to edit in photoshop while keeping both runningDavid S - ..after the 'fusion' discussion (extracting photos from an 8K stream), you talked about algorithms that can discern beautiful photographs ... so it appears by the time 8K arrives, we'll have software to find the best frames.Ancaster RFD - While I may check a light meter reading, the EV movement in my viewfinder, and histogram, I have also used the wifi in my 6D to preview the first few images on my iPad. It will even be nicer when the larger iPad pro comes out. It's like having a small monitor for off location shoots not much unlike when photogs conduct classes and have a direct feed to a large monitor after every shot, except it's easily mobile. Another tool I enjoy in the field.Dennis Ogden- A Samsung Nx1000 allowed wifi transfers to computer android as does the NX2000 which as a touch screen 20 mpix . If you really need to down load via wifi I can understand that,.... you will have your reasons... but for now NX1000 and nx2000 are going so cheaply ( under 60 $ on evil bay)why not transfer your card to one of those and drain its battery. This way it cheaper than some of those wifi cards and is proven tech . Just an idea . Pop the samsung body back into your bag or pocket while it does its stuff put a new card in the user camera and your good to go again.News: and 5Dr preorders start MONDAY - 5D Mark IV Rumors - 4k. . . Now Shipping: COMING AND before that Sony Full frame rumors compound the decision in the full frame market. A7r ii, A7s ii, A9? (seems like a very short product life cycle on these bodies compared to DSLRs) secrets blue and clean white backgrounds are capable of long exposures ADVERT of Video files!ISS Crossing the Eclipse Video reviews of the Review: Tamron 15-30mm f/2.8 Di VC are excellent!Discussion:Ira Glass on the Creative Process - Questions:John Inglis - Desktop capture s/ware for making tutorial vids "Windows" what's decent? info: http://photorec.tvWant answers to your questions? Patreon supporters get fast access to Toby

Photo Mish Mash Ep 47

Week Ahead - Intermediate Lightroom EditingNikon Rebates expire 28th!News:That Dress Peak at the HDR feature in LR 6 did he sell a 6.5Mill print? 5D Mark IV (maybe X)GH4 is getting a BIG brother?|/home-How to set a homepage-How to remove page from menu-How to password protect page-Thumbnail croppingDiscussion:Are touchscreens making us slow/dumb? Questions:Andrew Smales - Is photography a future career?More info:

Photo Mish Mash Ep 45: Hard Sell/No Drone Zone

5:30pm EST Feb 13, 2015Photo Mish Mash Show Notes: Photo Mish Mash Ep #45 Date: 2/13/15Sponsor(s):Seattle Workshop - April 4th from 10am to 5pm with optional dinner Academy Trips - Join us in Greece, New Zealand or photograph some baby animals, helicopter ride to top of a glacier 10% off your order. TWO week free trial. Clearly they know they have a good product if they don’t take your credit card up front - More to come soon. in review:New site - Easy way to find my stuff- add “toby” to your searchesMagic Lantern - Just how easy it is on a T5i - Critique - General Inspiration for Feb assignment Shadow Play - Submit for Assignment or General Crit - Ahead:NX1, D5500, Touchscreens making us stupid?^ firmware updatesNX1 Pro+Touchscreen,+User interface+Features - Including 4K+Quality - excellent sensorNX1 Cons-Missing true back-button focus-Expensive-Lens selection-Samsung?D5500 - summary of the review D5300 seems like a great value - more soon.News:Google and Mattel - Photospheres VR Announced 150-600 Contemporary - How does it stack up against the Tamron 150-600 or the other Sigma 150-600?“Hands-on” with the Pentax FF 24mm f/1.4 announced. - No Fly has a rant? Snow DXSNO Scores -Reader Questions:My most confusing question EVERI'm hearing some noise on the Nikkor 18-55 mm lens during autofocus of still photos with my new Nikon D5300. I see a lot written about noise during video but is some noise (particularly w low light High ISO settings) normal?Thoughts on following combo: Sigma 18-35, 50mm prime and Tamron 70-200 VC USD?What do you think about the Canon 70-200 IS V1?More Questions: